Ofosu Ampofo Never insulted Asantehene – NDC UK

Ghana’s most powerful opposition party that has what it takes to win the 2020 general election has rubbished a calculated attempt by some invisible forces within the political landscape to instigate a grudge between AsanteheneOtumfuo Osei Tutu II and the NDC.

This time round, the NDC has armed itself to ensure, that efforts at tarnishing the image of the party and its officials by some elements in the ruling New Patriotic party does not fly.

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The information making round that its national chairman, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo, led a meeting in the UK to cast a slur on the Asantehene, Otumfuo Osei Tutu II is false and should be disregarded by well-meaning Ghanaians and the Asanteman.

In a statement to foil the attempt to start another aimless battle between the NDC and Traditional leadership in Ghana,  Simon Aworigo, Communications Officer, NDC UK, and Ireland Chapter has said the information is absolute without any credibility and false. 

He said: “We wish to state that firstly , here was no such meeting. Secondly at no point was any traditional leader a subject of any discussion. We also wish to make it clear that no meeting was held in any hotel during the entire visit of our National Executives,”.

He revealed that, there is an attempt to bring enmity between the NDC and the Asanteman. However, this will not fly. 

Simon Aworigo noted that the NDC has noticed that there is a fabrication and that such things emanate from disappointed minds. There was an earlier attempt to create a confrontation between the NDC and our revered traditional authorities.” 

Below is the full unedited statement:

Re: Fake Story Being Circulated Against NDC National Executives in the UK Our attention has been drawn to a totally false story being circulated on social media. 

The story makes several claims and attributed them to certain National Executives of the National Democratic Congress who are currently on official party assignments in the United Kingdom. 

Specifically, the fabricators accuse our National Chairman Mr Ofosu Ampofo and National Communications Officer Mr. Sammy Gyamfi

We wish to state that firstly there was no such meeting. 

Secondly at no point was any traditional leader a subject of any discussion.

We also wish to make it clear that no meeting was held in any hotel during the entire visit of our National Executives.

We note that the fabrication is the outcome of a disappointed mind who failed to realise an earlier attempt to create a confrontation between the NDC and our revered traditional authorities. 

We urge the general public to be wary of such fabrications borne out of desperation particularly at a time when the moribund Akufo-Addo government is set to be ousted by the good people of Ghana in the 2020 election.

 Inasmuch as it is public knowledge that the NPP has failed in government we wish to admonish them to focus on delivering on the numerous promises they made to Ghanaians in 2016. 

That is a social contract they must not fail to deliver especially as they do not miss any opportunity to grab for themselves all the ostentation they can extract on the back of the struggling taxpayer. 

We assure Ghanaians that the NDC remains committed to working hard to deliver Ghanaians currently reeling from the shambolic, haphazard and patchy policies being implemented by Akufo Addo and his over-bloated government and will not be distracted. 

The NDC will continue to conduct itself responsibly as it has always done. It is that which has and will always make us the better party to lead Ghana to prosperity. God bless our homeland Ghana. God bless the NDC


 Simon Aworigo

Communications Officer,

NDC UK and Ireland Chapter

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