Video: Who killed JB DANQUAH? Hear The FACTS – Kevin Ekow Taylor

 Kevin Ekow Tayloy in his latest video has alleged that Hon. Ken Agyepong murdered JB Danquah. There seems to be beef between the MP and the “With All Due Respect presenter over some time now. According to him, the MP is been hunted by some ghosts. 

I will take it simply, today, I tell Ghanaians who killed JB Danquah he said at the introduction of his program. 

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He said JB Danquah was a respectable politician who did not play party cards. In his view, he was a future president however there were elements who never wanted this to materialize. He was not allowed to live the life God gave him. 

Also, the exchange of insults has moved inches higher with allegations of murder been hanged around the neck of the outspoken MP.

Yet again, Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor minced no words as he tried to make the public believe that, Ken Agyepong knows about the killing of the late MP. He said he will humble the respected MP. Ghana Criminal Investigative Department, Ghana Police Head Quarters.

Who killed JB DANQUAH?

Who killed JB DANQUAH?, he kept asking all through the episode.  Again, he was emphatic that, he had the docket regarding the murder of the late MP, Hon. Jab Danquah. Kevin Ekow Baidoo Taylor said it contained the statement of the suspect Daniel Asiedu aka Sexy dondon

In his submissions, he said he has hard facts and documents to prove his accession. He mentioned that his was daring three people; the Attorney General, the CID boss Madam Tiwaa, and investigator, Detective Chief Inspector Augustus Nkrumah.

He revealed in the show that, the late MP was stabbed 15 times with a screwdriver and that, the suspect in his statement to the police revealed that the MP contracted him to kill the late JB Danquah.

Insults by Kennedy Agyepong will not make the Fress SHS work, nor deal with the Galamsey problem.

According to him, the MP has destroyed the lives of many. His choice of words is not all that palatable to be written here. 

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