MPs Deceive electorates to win power- A-Plus

New Patriotic Party (NPP) sympathizer, Kwame Asare Obeng affectionately called A-Plus says believes MPs just deceive the electorates during election campaigns and promise them Heaven and the moons only to turn back to tell them, it is not the duty of Members of parliament to embark on developmental projects.

He raised these issues in line with the bad road in LEKMA in front of the magnificent LEKMA hospital located in Teshie, Accra.

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“I am telling you this now, every day I hear people say, MPs do not do development, MPs do not build road, schools yet they promise the people what they will do if voted into power.”

He wondered why, government will build a big hospital like LEKMA yet decide not to construct the road in front of the hospital so that, sick persons, pregnant women and all others who need health care can go there. The dust in front of the hospital is deadly and causing health problems to both patients and workers in the hospital. He added.

In the same live facebook video, A plus revealed he wantsto reduce the power of NDC and NPP – A-Plus so as to give the power of goverance to the ordinary people.

He asked as to which sensible government will do such a thing. He could not just understand the mindset of government as nobody seems to care about the road which is so bad.Also read:The Abanoma theory; Woes Of The Ghanaian Economy

He revealed that, he was at one of the campaigns of the sitting MP where the then candidate promised the people that, he will see to it that the road is completed. According to A-Plus, this is a simple social contract and agreement between the electorates and the MP prior him winning and it has to be fulfilled.

MPs seem to be interested in all the goodies that come with being an MP (V-8, Accommodation, Ex-Gratia and Fat salary) yet they turn around and tell the people MPs don’t construct roads and do development projects. This is not fair.

He advised that come 2020 campaigning time, electorates must not wait for anyone to come and promise them anything.

He referred to the bond of 1844 when the chiefs signed with the whites to complete agreements and promises which should be a guiding principle for all constituencies as we get ready for the 2020 election campaigns.

He said, we have entered into an era of bonds. He advised the electorates to sign bonds with people seeking to be elected as MPs. Such agreements should be signed with the local chiefs and Assembly men as witnesses in broad day light.

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