Renaming spree in Ghana, is this the change we voted for?

Renaming spree in Ghana, is this the change we voted for? It baffles my imagination what the government of the day seeks to achieve by renaming almost everything it comes across today. Naming state assets such as buildings, schools, government institutions and the like is not really a bad idea but the frequency with which this is done leaves much to be desired.

Some persons in government have come out gun blazing describe the sentiments of the ordinary people on this subject matter as

Some members of the opposition NDC like the Ranking Member on Parliament’s Education Committee, Peter Nortsu Otoe has argued that the renaming agenda of the government is aimed at favouring the legacy of the New Patriotic Party political lineage which is wrong. The fact is that, the NDC also did some renaming.

Is this the change we voted for?. I have a simple lay man’s suggestion for our politicians. Please, build new useful edifices for health, education, sports. Build road, Factories and Clinics and name them after people who deserve to be giving such recognition. But more important, give these building names that are forward looking, inspiring, to challenge the mentality and mindset of today’s Ghanaian Children and youth. These are the changes we voted for.

Our children are going to learn so much of Ghanaians history in the new subject at the KG and Primary School in the subject History of Ghana.

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I doubt if we have any policy in place as a nation to guide the decision of governments to rename or name a particular national edifice by another person.

Is this the change we voted for? It’s a big no. It looks as though, we believe that, renaming universities, hospitals and the like will change the history of Ghana or the mindset of the ordinary people.

To this I ask, what benefit do the ordinary people gain from such renaming? Government needs to school Ghanaians on the key benefits of this renaming expedition of the president.

I beg to differ and advices that government should speed up its developmental projects if that is technically possible and engage stakeholders in a broader consultative search for individuals who deserve to be accorded such respect.

Come to think of it, how many national facilities in the US have been renamed by Donald Trump? Why are we as a nation so much concerned with renaming old educates.

Today, Ghanaians are teasing government everywhere. One village One JB Danquah Dam , One district One JB Danquah Factory , One teacher, One New Name.

I hope we do not start renaming all streets in Ghana, and then rename Accra as JB Danquah City of Accra as the capital city of Ghana.

Renaming important edifices and public institutions in Ghana does not in any way make us better people, it does not amount to any form development, growth or improved well being of the people.

I challenge the Nana Addo led government to be focused on what will propel this nation into spontaneous incremental expansion and growth in the Ghanaian economy, create decent jobs that pay Ghanaians good and realistic wages in place of the NABCO and YEA, improve security and safety of the people in the wake of this kidnapping menace and also deal with corruption scandals and allegations leveled against elements within the government.

Nana Addo, give us hope, give us life, and give us results because we don’t like this renaming approach to development. We don’t get. Renaming spree in Ghana is not the change we voted for. Today si #WorldElephantDay, the NPP is not destroying but renanimg is not good enough. Let us build first before we name and take pride in that.

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