Videos & Pictures Ghana: #CoupChallenge Trends

Ghana and the security angencies managed to foil what they call a Coup plot some elements who wanted to distabilize the country.

While the suspected persons Dr. Frederick Yao Mac-Palm and his two accomplices – Mr. Ezor Kafui (a local weapon manufacturer) and Mr. Bright Allan Debrah Ofosu (aka BB or ADC) are facing the court, Ghana’s have started a #CoupChallenge that is catching up on social media.

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This challenging for sure is gatheirng momentum. Ghana’s seem to always find the funny side of every serious and sensitive issues.

Below are some of the pictures and videos that have surfaced on social media. If you watch these videos and pictures. laughter follows easily.



If this is not creativity what else will it be? Ghana’s never disappoint with challenges. So far this is the most sophisticated #COUPCHALLENGE picture on the interent. Just lookat the conecpt and arrangements.



This is not only funny but hahahaWhat? Pills and Dettol? well probably these are the “bombs”



Eiii Ghana, hahaha so what is the potency of these weapons led by atadzew and those roots people have been chewing. Well, this #COUPCHALLENGE may have a different agenda.



Wait for a second, what is the shoe doing in this challenge? What about the shoe brush? and a peg?



Well, this guy means business but, what is the frying pan doing here? is it a bomb or what? those sticks for cooking banku must follow the frying pan back to the kitchen, the next meal must be cooking now. 

Videos that have emerged

Video 2

When the news of the attempted coup plot emerged, it was met with mixed reactions. Many Ghanaians doubted the capacity of the arrested individuals to stage a coup in Ghana.

How ever, many more condemned the act and with the view that any non-democratic means of changing the government in Ghana is a no-no

While the government is seriously prosecuting alleged coup plotters who according to intelligence gathered wanted to take over the country, Ghanaians have found something to laugh about probably because of the kind of weapons the said plotters had. 

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