[VIDEO] 80% East Legon prostitutes are students – MCE for Ayawaso

TheMCEforAyawaso West, Hon. Sandra Owusu-Ahinkorahhas revealed that 80% of EastLegonprostitutes are students.

Most of these students are either in the tertiary institution or in Senior High School.

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Several reasons account forladiesengaging in prostitution althoughthetknow it isillegal.

One reasons is the lack of jobs, another is the high demand for material things which compels many of them to engage in the trade to raise money to live the kind of life they want to live.

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Other reasosns wy some ladies engage in prostitution is that, they may besuffering from Sexual Addiction and cannot control their sexual desires.

Peer pressure, Poverty, and lack of parental care have also been identified as reasons why some ladies engage in the act.

Laziness and the thirst for quick wealth has pushed many decent ladies into selling their bodies on the streets.

Persons who are victims of rape and trafficking may also engage in prostitution.

The revelation that 80% East Legon prostitutes are students is rather worrying and needs urgent action to reverse the trend.

Prostitutes are gradually taking over the major streets in East Legonat night.

Their presence is noticeable from theBankuJunction end of the road leading to the Ghana Link stretch.

Drivers and commuters have on countless occasions come into contact with theseladies who sometimes bend in the iddle of the road to show their vital properties when they see an oncoming vehicle late at night. Sometimes, they are those who call or attract the attention of pedstraints and likely customers.

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The trade starts as early as 8 pm and could continue into the early hours of the morning.

Friday nights to to Sunday nights are the days of intense prostitution traffic as the girls come out in the huge numbers to cash in.

The police on a few occasions have raided the area where the trade goes on. In the area where theseladiestrade their bodies for money, the illegal drug trade has also flourished along.

Source: NewsGhana24.com

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