ACP Agordzo drafted protest speech, incited ‘coup plotters’ – Prosecutors allege

State prosecutors are alleging that ACP Dr Benjamin Agordzo drafted a protest speech for a group that was allegedly scheming to take over the reins of government illegally.

The group, Take Action Ghana (TAG), according to prosecutors, intended to organise demonstrations against the government in preparation to take over government machinery.

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Dr Agordzo is the 10th person to be charged in connection with what state prosecutors say was an elaborate plot targeted at the Presidency.

State’s case

Documents filed in court and sighted by Joy News alleges that sometime in November 2018, while the senior police officer was on a UN mission in Entebbe, in Uganda, Dr Frederick Mac Palm (the prime suspect) invited him to join the group.

Prosecutors say ACP Dr Agordzo accepted the invitation and was added to the platform.

Prosecutors also said ACP Dr Agordzo was subsequently informed of the planned demonstration against the government as part of plans towards sacking the occupants of Jubilee House.

The documents indicate that he agreed to join the demonstration even though he was in the mission area.

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Dr. Agordzo is said to have held “several meetings with the leadership of the group currently in custody and incited them to take over the government as a right.”

Prosecutors say he demonstrated this commitment “to assist the unlawful enterprise with various sums of money to facilitate the organization of the intended demonstration and taking over.”

The documents filed by the prosecutors conclude that Dr ACP Agordzo “drafted a speech to be delivered on that fateful day of the demonstration.”

ACP Dr Agordzo was on Wednesday taken to court on a charge of abetment to commit treason felony.

His legal team has accused the prosecution of scheming to deny its client bail.

One of the counsels for ACP Dr Agordzo, Hamdiya Mohammed, said the state brought their client to the Kaneshie District court despite knowing very well it did not have jurisdiction to hear the matter.

State prosecutors disagreed.

ASP Sylvestre Asare, lead state prosecutor on the matter, explained that by law, the state or an investigative agency is required to bring a suspect before a court within 48 hours.

This is what the prosecution has done, he said explaining the law in question, Article 14(3) does not suggest anywhere that the district court lacks jurisdiction.


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