Valentine’s Day without immorality, s3xual promiscuity is old fashioned

Valentine’s Day without immorality

Valentine’s Day without immorality, sexual promiscuity is old fashioned for many young people. Many today do not understand the essence of Valentine’s Day celebration. 

Immorality, sexual promiscuity has been marketed on this day in the last 3 decades which has defeated the ideals of Love and Valentine’s Day.

Immorality has eroded the virtues that saint valentines stood for and for many, it is a time to engage in the act of sleeping around.

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Valentine which is to be used to show love and portray the true emotional connection between people around the world has been modernized to reflect corrupted moral behaviour by adults and the youth.

Today, mention valentine, and all people think of is s3x.

For many young people celebrating valentine without engaging in amoral activities defeats the essence of valentine.

Society has lost touch with the true significance of Valentine’s day celebration.


Valentine’s Day without immorality is attainable if only we individually take steps towards that.

Valentine days has become a cheap avenue for the youth today to engage in all forms of amoral activities in the name of love. Many gladly fall for the worldly notion that, Valentine’s day is a day set aside to engage in all manner of social vices that are not only detrimental to health, but one’s spiritual life as well.

Many young adults and some older people seize the opportunity to “Dress to Kill”, “Smoke to die”, and engage in unhealthy sexual acts. Such attitudes and behaviours which pass for social vices end up eroding many youthful lives and dreams just in a day.

Peer pressure may cause some to be lured into such social vices on Valentine’s Day.
Valentine’s Day without immorality has been thrown to the dogs in recent times. The reality is that some of our young sisters may by November 2019 become mothers of unwanted babies. This condition, should it occur will not only derail one’s education and plans for life but also burdens society with another baby without a father to care of.

Valentine’s Day should not be used as an avenue to engage in nefarious activities. It is not a day for men, girls, and ladies to lose their virginity nor is it a day set aside to encourage unhealthy sexual life.

Sadly, Valentine’s Day without immorality is not been preached and supported in many instances in Ghana. some of our media houses and event’s organizing businesses owned and managed by people society respects organize programs that attract the youth and compelling then to engage in all manner of immoral acts, it encourages and easily influences those with weak morals to fall for it. From Pool parties with prescribed dress codes, parties that you can attend only with a partner, Late night parties in suggestive and seductive environment are but a few.

I hold the view that society, NGO’s, Schools, youth organizations, Churches, Mosques and their leaders must use the day to engage their youth and society in very educative programs that provide harmless entertainment for the youth.

Adults and experienced personalities can champion Valentine’s Day without immorality crusade. Such well-acclaimed mentors in society and couples with vast experience regarding marriage and relationships as well as counselors can be invited to engage the youth on healthy, thought-provoking and life-improving topics and discussions to engage us all in the evenings especially alongside games or some form of sports during the day.

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In some congregations, Valentine’s Day is a special day set aside by the church leadership to help the youth celebrate Valentine in a Godly environment and in a Godly way around Godly people.

Red is the colour for the day yet, it is not an opportunity to kill yourself. It is not a day to “spoil yourself” but a day to be wise, forward-looking and careful in the choices you make as far as your relationships are concerned.

Do not be a victim of a celebration that has lost focus in many instances but be a smart, wise young adult who is not only assertive, but knows what is good for him or her and is morally upright.

I urge you to flee from all forms of morally corrupt practices and activities that have been added to the celebration of Valentine. Do not conform to them. Be morally different in a positive way, do not show love in any way that will make you amoral, because true love can be expressed with a simple gift such as a simple rose flower and nothing more.

Do not engage in amoral acts just to prove your love for another for that is the beginning of your downfall.  Do not let Valentine’s Day celebration make your love cheap and your relationship un-godly. Place a premium on your life, relationship, and care for others on this day by remaining morally upright. Remember today is not an opportunity to mess up but to live up to the basic moral standards in healthy relationships and if you by chance find yourself in any unhealthy relationship, Valentine’s day is an opportunity to reexamine the impact of such a relationship, its abusive nature and all the negatives and take a bold step. Happy Healthy Morally Safe Valentine’s Day to you all.

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