Toothpaste Helps Men Sexual Longevity? Can this be REAL?

Men caught rubbing toothpaste on p3nis to last longer warned of the dangers of using the paste meant for cleaning the teeth. Anyone believing that the use of toothpaste for sex-enhancing is true must be kidding themselves. 

There are YouTube videos online that have attempted to describe how to toothpaste can be applied on the penis to make men last longer in bed.

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This video has gone viral and racked up millions of views with over 1.1million views.

The video was uploaded by Jose Barber, who had described himself as a healthcare tipster. In his footage, he specified that toothpaste if applied on the male genital at the tip before sex would make the user last longer.

Mr O’Loan has however said there is hope out there for persons suffering from premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction. He holds the view that toothpaste is never a remedy.  

He added said drugs such as sildenafil, sold as Viagra increases blood flow into the penis and which helps men to maintain erections.

However, premature ejaculation called Fortacin is better for dealing with it. Fortacin helps deal with premature ejaculation.

Rich Viney a Urologist has also added that toothpaste has no positive effect on the sexual performance of men and does not believe it has any benefit.

He told MailOnline: ‘It does not make you less sensitive. Toothpaste is naturally abrasive so it might make intercourse uncomfortable which may help in lasting longer.”

‘But it could lead to infections in the woman’s vagina. You do not want foreign material inside the vagina, it’s an irritant.”

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