Tips and Guides for BECE/WASSCE 2020 candidates

WAEC has given its deadline for the release of the 2022 BECE School results which will pave way for the Free SHS enrolment for the students 2022 BECE Timetable reduces preparation period by a month2020 bece

Examination tips and guides are of great benefit to students who are preparing for any form of assessment at school. More importantly, it is an excellent material for those taking final exams since failing such an exam can be more stressful.

With this in mind, we have put together based on research, teachers, and personal plans of contributors who excelled in examination some of the best examination tips and guides for BECE/WASSCE 2020 candidates.

As you read this, do your best to practice the suggestions to improve your results in the 2020 BECE/WASSCE exams when the results are released. “Experience is the best teacher” if you agree, let us tap into some of the rare tacit examination tips and guide from some successful students.

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TIP 1: Write out your subjects, the dates and time. (Time Table)

Every examination has a time table. Write this out or get a personal copy. Paste this copy or copies at vantage points in your home such as your living room, bedroom and learning area. This will remind you of the impending exams and help you put your self together to learn.

The second time table you need is your personal time table. We suggest your time table should follow the exams time table and if possible with dates attached and the topic to treat.

Keep the exams dates in mind in case of changes in the timetable. Some candidates can forget their exams day and time only to realize they missed the exams.

TIP 2: Engage in specific subject and general revisions

The second of the tips and guides for BECE/WASSCE 2020 candidates is to engage in specific subject and general revisions.

Revisions are key to exams success and the earlier you start it the better the chances of covering several topics. An early start of revisions helps reduce last-minute stress and so you also work at your own pace.

Engage in specific subject and topic revisions by focusing on topics that may be challenging as well as subjects that give you more troubles at school. Develop interest in these subjects and tell your self you will overcome them.

Each revision session should end with an exercise or mini exams or recap session. Revision should involve activities you will be doing in the exams hall. If you study Pre tech and the topic is Oblique drawings as part of your recap, take a question and try your hands on it by constructing.

If the subject is Geography and you study landforms in the desert such as sand dunes, mesas, buttes, canyons, arroyos, arches, rock pedestals, you will do your self a good service by drawing and describing these landforms in your recap rather than just reading them.

In the same way, as the exam gets closer, focus more on the subjects you find difficult.

If you have a personal softcopy copy of the WAEC timetable and syllabus, that will further make your work easy. Go through your time table often to ensure you do not miss any paper and keep your preparations focused on the next paper or subject.

These can be accessed online. Use your phones to increase your chances of passing by accessing pass questions, syllabus and time tables online instead of wasting precious time and effort chatting and talking with friends. If you have a target of passing the exams, you have to focus your effort and energy on your revision. WAEC does not dash marks, it awards to deserving answers.

TIP 3: Focus on only your first paper

A week to or three days to the examination, focus on the first two papers if they are taken on the same day or just one if it is for day one of the exams.

In case the two papers are separated by a day, for instance, a week to the exams, start reading and revising materials for the second paper. Three clear days to the first paper, switch to the revision for the first paper.

This will ensure, you use your time profitably and you do not stress your self by reading so much in a rush with less than 24hours to the second paper.

Learning so many subjects at this critical time is never helpful. You need to concentrate efforts on the nearest paper and less on others for maximum impact.

This strategy helps make revisions focused, sweet and drive all your energy toward reading and revising. When it is two days to a particular subject or paper, don’t read any other subject apart from the subject at hand.

TIP 4: Venue and Arrival

The most dangerous thing that can happen to a candidate is to prepare very well and get to the exams all so late. The pressure and stress can be dangerous if you cannot keep your cool.

We advise that you arrive at the WAEC exams centre far ahead of time. WAEC expects students to be seated at least 30minutes to the exams. In all these suggestions one thing cuts across and that is discipline. If you are not disciplined, tips and guides for BECE/WASSCE 2020 candidates will help you. You cannot excel in any exams without discipline. Discipline is the magic key to your exams successfully.

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If this helped you, let us know and all the best in your BECE/WASSCE 2020 exams preparation and exams in April/May/June 2020.



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