Appreciate Ghanaian Teachers in 2020, They Are Gems Worth Celebrating 

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Appreciate Ghanaian teachers, in 2020 for they are gems worth celebrating. Many of us under the sun have become who we are because of the efforts of many teachers.

Their efforts, commitments, dedication to duty, countless sacrifices and wish to make us better people than themselves are just a few of the amazing acts of selflessness and kindness of the many teachers across the length and breadth of this nation.

From doctors to nurses, newly trained teachers to old ones, farmers to ministers, university graduates with degrees, masters, and PhDs, Professors to accountants and bankers, the endless list of professionals in Ghana are the outcomes of teachers hard work with every teacher contributing a little to our success along the line.

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They have educated and trained many who are here in Ghana and others broad who are using the knowledge and skills acquired.

All of these people were molded and refined by the Ghanaian teacher and this is a clear indication that teachers have contributed immensely to the literacy rate and professionals we can be proud of today.

How ever, how many parents with children in pre-tertiary schools, for instance, have noticed the mastery and perfection with which teachers in their ward’s school collectively improve on the moral and academic qualities of the learner?

Sadly, many are quick to point accusing fingers and are very slow to appreciate. 

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Research has shown Ghana is one of the countries in the world where teachers are least appreciated. In Malaysia, 83.8 percent of educators believe their profession is valued in society. In Ghana, the reverse is worse. Singapore, South Korea, Finland, Mexico are among some of the best places to be a teacher.

Sadly just a few parents notice the good works of teachers in Ghana. Teachers are the heartbeat of the world in helping produce the next generation of professionals in every field imaginable but they are never or less appreciated and Ghana is a victim.

Sub-Sahara Africa needs not less 17 million teachers by 2030. How can new generations of teachers increase and their quality and dedication improved when the lack of appreciation is making many already trained, qualified and professional teachers in Ghana and others parts of Africa are leaving the education sector for greener pastures in other sectors such as the banking sector?

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Governments upon governments, ministers of education have come and gone yet, teachers continue to complain about the little they are paid. It is a fact that Ghanaians do not value the contributions of teachers to this country.

Our politicians have turned a blind eye to the needs, well being and safety of our teachers. 2019 saw some of the brutal attacks ever mated to teachers from community members. Teachers and headteachers, some of them have lost their lives suffered and dies for the love of the teaching profession. 

We have to appreciate Ghanaian teachers and celebrate them because they are gems worth celebrating.

It is said that, while other nations hail teachers, Ghana only waits for a teacher to make a mistake, then he or she becomes the topic of discussion on our radios. televisions and community gatherings.

When will Nkrumah’s Ghana wake up and say ayekoo to the teachers in their hundreds of thousands? 

Many parents do not even know how to say thank you through words at the end of a school term, call a teacher to say thank you for teaching my ward nor say today, I am going to my ward’s school purposely to say thank you to my ward’s teacher.

Gifting teachers at special times of the year is out of the question. Buying your ward’s teacher a present will be one of the cool ideas this year if you have never done it as a parent.

The fact is that teachers appreciate gifts no matter the value. Your gift needs to be elegant or expensive. Your teacher will appreciate anything way is given out of love and recognition for their toil.

Government, parents, guardians and students, both past and present must all appreciate Ghanaian teachers for what they have done for them.

Facts checked: Teachers do more good for every student than bad but, many of them never get appreciated.

Teachers rewards are here, you are not God, they will take their second reword from God in heaven or where ever they end up. 

Just appreciate teachers, they deserve the recognition.

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