Thank You everyone; let’s meet at my church on Sunday – Agradaa announces her comeback

Agradaa announces her comeback

Patricia Aseidu, who used to be a fetish priestess and is now an evangelist and goes by the name Nana Agradaa, has announced her return after the fuss over her arrest.

Remember that Nana Agradaa was taken into custody on October 10, 2022, after she was accused of a money-doubling scam by some members of the public.

On Sunday, a number of videos went viral that showed angry church members crying and talking about how the former celebrity priestess tricked them into giving her money under the pretense that she would double it for them.

She reportedly sent the people out of the church after she had done what she had set out to do. This is why people raised alarms online.

Agradaa has broken her silence by going on Instagram to announce her return and invite people to her church on Sunday.

She wrote, “Thank you all for love and support and prayers God bless you God is God all the time and will be live on Sunday at church let meet 🔥❤️❤️❤️🙏”.

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