Men Travel Long Distance Just To Buy ‘Gob3’ – Curvy ‘Gob3’ Seller Reveals

Celestina Etornam

A Ghanaian woman who sells food and has a curvy figure said that men come from far away to buy from her.

Celestina Etornam, who sells gari and beans (called “gob3”) at Accra’s Dansoman, says that some of her customers come from far away because of her hourglass shape.

In an interview with SVTV Africa, the hardworking woman who was in the news over the weekend talked about how she started small with little money.

Celestina Etornam, a hardworking Ghanaian woman who sells food despite being beautiful and curvy, became a trend over the weekend because of her choice of job.

She sells gari and beans, a popular Ghanaian dish called “gob3” in the Greater Accra Region, at Dansoman.

Aside from how good her food tastes, some of her customers come from far away to buy from her because of how big she is.

In a video that went viral, she showed off her curves and pretty looks.

Celestina Etornam’s male customers like her. On SVTV’s Daily Hustle, Etornam told DJ Nyaami that some of her male customers come from Kasoa, Tema, and East Legon to buy from her at Dansoman.

She thought about how she used to sell bread before she started her current business with few funds. “I used to sell bread, but since my aunt is getting old, I decided to take over her business.

So she taught me how to do everything, and I took over with the little money I had saved,” she said.

Celestina Etornam, the woman who was on her own, Etornam said that her business has helped her a lot and that she has saved enough money to be able to live on her own. “I don’t need any man,” she said.

She did say, though, that selling food was hard, but that she was happy doing it and hoped to grow her business.

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