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HelpGumyokoJunior High School is one of the schools in Ghana that needs help and a change over. The schoolis locatedatGumyoko,BinduriDistrict in the Upper East Region.

The schoolwas foundedon the initiative of a native with 3 room block and now has from day nursery to junior with the help of friends from Germany. The junior high is now over burdened with huge numbers coming from the primary. Thereis needfor a new Junior High Block.

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We at give thumbs up to parents for their efforts in theGumyokoJunior High School. The heart warming news is that, parents value education in the region and have started a self-help project aimed in a small way.

However, we strongly believe help from corporate organizations, NGO’s and philanthropists will put an endless beaming smiles on the faces of these children who will become Ghana’s future professionals. Pupils and teachers inGumyokoJunior High School better.

Needs ofGumyokoJunior High School

1.New Junior High Block fully furnished

The current old block accommodates not less than 60 pupils as a result of two streams coming from the primary. The primaryis dividedinto A and B.

With the huge numberscurrentlyin the old block, the little furniture that it has is gradually reducing because of the pressure on them.

Gumyoko Junior High School Self help project by parents

2. Teaching and learning aids

Let us come together and support Gumyoko Junior High School with the requisite teaching and learning materials. Government cannot do it all. If you believe in this project.

A Science Lab in a Backpack

Kindly support this school with aScience Lab in a Backpackto start with. The link for buying isScience Lab in a Backpack.

As a result of the huge number of pupils in the school, the few materials available are inadequate and so subjects do not have materials. The school does not have the basic tools for teaching Science. No science materials etc.

3. In-service training

With the current level of knowledge, teachers need to be updated as time goes by. For this reason, if teachers are given some sort of training to add to the knowledge they have, it will further equip them to teach well.

Help us give this school a change over that will last many years. Be counted as one pf the organizations, and people who came breathed life into this school.

Contact Person in GumyokoJunior High School

Contact Phone No.: 0246405323 or +233246405323

Contact Email:

Or / 0208503867/ +233208503867

Source: | Support My School Project Initiative

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