Dabaabi M/A in dying need of Help-Support My School Project

Dabaabi M/A in dying need of help that will change the fortune of the school. Newsghana24.com is calling on NGOs, individualsCorporate organizations and associations in Ghana and abroad to help put a big smile on the faces of the hard-working teachers and pupils in the school. The government needs the support of us all in giving such schools a changeover.
Dormaa Central Municipal is the location of Dabaabi M/A is a school. The school’s current state is bad because teachers and learners learn under the harsh weather conditions in Ghana.
Dabaabi MA in dying need of Help-Support My School Project
Facilitators and learners have to learn in very bad unfit school structures under the rain and windy environment.
The school does not have any roofing, learners, and teachers learn under the sun which makes learning difficult. A heavy rainstorm recently blew off the roofing.
Teaching and learning have continued due to the determination of facilitators and learners desire to work hard. The school, therefore, needs help to ensure their condition is improved. Learners continue to learn in the sun each day and at the mercy of the hot weather as well.
Dabaabi MA in dying need of Help-Support My School Project

Urgent Needs of Dabaabi M/A  

Support our effort, reach out to Dabaabi M/A  and give a helping hand. The urgent needs of the school include
1. Repairing the existing structure or providing a new school building. We can together change the story of Dabaabi M/A. Currently, teachers and learners sit under the sun and in the rain during teaching and learning.

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Dabaabi MA in dying need of Help
2. The school also needs a Junior High School that will take care of pupils who complete basic six in the school and town. Learners after completing primary 6 walk about 2km to further their education at the nearest JHS  on a daily basis
3. I C T and other learning center is another important and humble request by the school. Newsghana24.com cannot do it all without individual and institutional partners. Learners are introduced to computing but they do not get the needed hands no practical lessons to make them capable of using computers and related devices.

Contact Person in Dabaabi M/A  

Contact Phone No.:0246575466 or +233246575466

Contact Email:records2.af@gmail.com

Or Newsghana24@gmail.com / 0208503867/ +233208503867

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To join as a school or institution home and abroad, fill the relevant form and let us connect schools that need help with organizations that want to help. Kindly note that, you will need pictures to support your claims. CLICK JOIN NOW – FORM FOR SCHOOLS


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