NPP communicators in tatters, as NDC cash in on PDS scandal

In fact, let the truth be told, the PDS issue is seriously eating up the NPP and has become a big worrying challenge for the ruling NPP government. The communicators of government are therefore having it tough speaking to the heart of the issues.Every defence is becoming weak and unsustainable.

Exclusive documents secured by Joy News reveal that Power Distribution Services (PDS) paid the required $12.2 million premium to secure guarantee to finalize the takeover the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) but this money remains untraceable. 

It seems the NPP led government is facing some difficulties but must pretend all is well as they try to deal with the mess this deal becuase the credibility of the leadership and government is at stake. Although the investigations are expected to last some 30 day, the NDC has started cashing in already and it is obvious, the NPP does not know what really hit them.

Gradually it may be dawning on all party faithfuls that, they are losing some critical votes and the confidence the public had in the mighty Kukrudu party. This respect and trust is reducing gradually and it is only those who hate the truth will disagree.

This PDS Scandal is making communicators confused as they cannot really tell what they are really defending.

At the same time, the biggest opposition party, the NDC guys led by their evergreen Sammy Gyamfi are tearing the NPP government apart.

The scandals hanging around the neck of this government are becoming too much too many and the earlier they work on these and restore some lost trust by the people the better for them as we gear up for the 2020 elections.

It looks as though the total effect of scandals hitting this government has led to lost of respect and trust that Ghanaians had for the Nana Addo led government.

However, it is not too late to salvage and protect what is left or else the NPP may suffer a mighty fall in trust.

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The party and government must thread cautiously and ensure no scandal raises it head from now on.

Sending communicators likes of Chairman Abronye to do damage control for the party may be one of the biggest mistakes in recent times. Communicators must now be people who have facts and can speak to the issues or else, the NPP may be shooting itself in the foot.

As we get closer to the election year, all parties must begin giving professional training to their so called communicators. The times of loud noise and insult focused communication and the use of “incompetent” on the NDC are over. The truth is bitter but it must be told. The NDC has become very attractive to many and continues to show great prospect.

Political communication must be taken serious by all parties because it is not just any field of communication, but a very critical one needed to communicate the right information, the right way at the right time to achieve the needed effect. This the NPP seems to be losing so fast.

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