One Year Old Kidnapped Taadi Boy Found: Kudos Ghana Police

The little boy who was alleged to have been kidnaped around the Market Circle in Takoradi, has been found alive and in one piece. When news broke out that a one year old boy had gone missing in Takoradi, the entire nation was sudden because we are yet to unravel the mystery of the three ladies who disappeared and were alleged to have been kidnapped.

According to information has gathered so far, the little boy whose name has been given as Francis was rescued by the Ghana Police on Tuesday dawn but little information is available on the details. The Police Swat Team upon a tip off went to Afiekum opposite Alhaji Bawa where they found the alleged kidnappers and the kid.

However, one Mawusi and her lover are in the grip of the police in connection with the missing boy who has been rescued by the police. Although the information available is scanty, we also know that the said lady is alleged to have been the one who stole the boy from the mum on Friday.

The boy was bathed in power by members of the community, family and friends who were got to the scene to pick the boy from the police. Typical of African’s that is a way of saying, “You have been rescued from the grip of your enemy and God’s favour has been your charm and luck.”

The little boy’s family are currently tight lipped on the matter and are yet to grant audience to the press on the matter.  It is hoped that, they will finally open up and tell the public something when police are through with the investigations.

Joy News broke the news of the found girl via Ina-Thalia Quansah its correspondent in the Western Region of Ghana where the incident occurred.

Nana Akosua the mother of the lost but found boy has said, the lady took the boy away from her after a lengthy friendly conversation.  

The well-planned kidnap by the alleged kidnapper has been foiled by the vigilance and the professional way by which the police carried out their investigations.

This effort of the police is worth commendation at a time, when the police has been bombarded with several accusations of unprofessionalism. This singular act of hard work will boost the confidence of the citizenry in the officers in uniform.

We urge the police to continue their investigations to help find out the where about of the three kidnapped ladies in Takoradi soon.  The one year kidnapped Taadi boy’s rescue is a big plus for the Ghana police.

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