Another Security Brutality as Officer Kicks Civilian in the Head

Security offices brutality has been on the increase in Ghana with the officers in uniform dishing out all manner of punishments to civilians. It looks as though the officers are burnt on giving citizens who break the law by their own lofty standards, beatings that will “teach them civilians sense”.

Since the driver and his mate exchanged blows with the police and they were arrested for attacking and office of the law, several videos of police brutality have emerged to show how the Ghana Police Service officers have broken the law they seem to be executing. We know very decent men and women in the Ghana police and such outcomes by some indisciplined officers only make the Ghana Police service lose its respect.

Another video has emerged on social media in which a three police officers manhandled an Uber driver. In this new video, an officer in uniform is seen attacking a young guy by kicking him from behind, at the blind side of the young guy. The officer may be mistaken for a police officer especially at a time when there seem to be issues with policing. The kick by the unidentified officer was swift, and he hit his target, the head and neck of the young guy who fell under the power of the police officers kick.

The young guy was already kneeling down as he had been punished for a crime is yet to confirm but, for the law enforcing officer to take the law into his own hands and to dish out an illegal kick which looked life treating, he needs to be arrested and interrogated.

Another Police Brutality as Officer Kicks Civilian Head
Another Police Brutality as Officer Kicks Civilian

This act of the officer is unprofessional no matter which agency or security service he works for. However, no matter the crime of the young man. The officer does not have the moral right to treat him like that. If an officer has enough evidence and grounds to believe that, the young guy has broken the law, he is supposed to arrest him and take the offender to the police station.

Also, it looks as though the Ghana is vertually lawless just as the citizenry has become lawless. In a related story, another video is also circulating on social media. In this second video, a military officer is seen at an interchange in Kumasi lashing a civilian for breaking traffic regulations. This in itself is lawlessness and an abuse of the right of the two victims by the overzealous police and military officer.

If our officers and law enforcing men and women are treating us this way, then we are not safe in this country. We have to be disciplined as citizens and so must the officers of the law. They cannot commit such crimes and engage in barbaric acts like this and go scot free. The full arm of the law must act and catch up with them so that justice is brought to the victims.

The officers kick is only seen from a striker in the 18-yard box or from a defender desperate to clear a goal-threatening ball. How can this be called policing? Our security officers must be professional so that, law enforcement institutions do not lose respect in the eyes of the public.
Follow the link [VIDEO] to see the heartbreaking strike of the officer kicking the head of the civilian at a half volley in mid-air. The Ghana Police Service is receiving bad publicity and all other security services as well as those operating as private security service providers must all sit up. Related posts.

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