Ghana Prisons officer goes viral with his rap [VIDEOS]

An officer of the Ghana Prisons Service has put the service on the limelight via social media through his rap music. The smartly dressed rapper has a series of videos on his Facebook page in which he shows his prowess and control over the rap music. Whiles some officers in uniform are disgracing their services, this Ghana prisons officer is trending himself and the Prions Service with good rap music that many have fallen in love with already.

The officer whose Facebook account name is Young Paddy is enjoying so much share of his series of videos taken at home and with his friends while in his uniform.

The officer is talented and although he opted for the Prisons Service to serve mother Ghana, he cannot drop his God-given talent and so he carried it along into the service. It looks as though every opportunity he gets, he raps a few lines of his songs and his colleagues love it just as the general public. It may not be long before we begin to see more of him in the music circles because, his videos are trending and music producers will be looking at him with keen interest to sign him up.

By performing and recording, he is also projecting the Ghana Prisons Service in a positive way which must be recommended. Little brilliant acts like this never go unnoticed and so we say, big ups to this officer. We will get in touch with him and bring you more on him after an interview. Look forward to that post on

One of his videos posted on 22nd March 2019 has obtained over 6000 views already. Another video taken behind the prison cells on the 18th of November has a whopping 35500 views when we last checked it. He has quite a huge following and people all over the world continue to share the interesting, punch line rap videos of the prison officer.

Work and happiness are all we see in the videos. We look forward to him taking the centre stage in the world of entertainment in Ghana as the newest rapper and the first ever in uniform in Ghana. He has thanked all his fans as well for the support with hashtags, this has also helped him to stay connected with all those who love his music.

A look at his face book page for instance showed that, the young rapper has 5001 fans already and counting. What else can a very popular underground artist in uniform ask for now? Well, all he is asking his fans to do is for them to keep sharing his videos. bumped into the video and so Young Paddy this is our way of saying keep soaring higher, keep the fire burning and continue rapping.

You are going places already. We love you, we love the Ghana Prisons Service and we love your music. Keep dropping the videos and soon, it will be boom but think of the business side of it and get yourself a YouTube channel.

Young Paddy the king of rap, keep the hope alive because you are the best rapper live.

Below are the links to the videos. Just enjoy them and show him some love.

Video 1

Video 2

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