NPP prays hoping Mahama is not elected

The NPP prays Mahama is not elected as the flagbearer of the biggest opposition party the NDC at the ongoing flag bearer election. National Democratic Congress (NDC) goes to the polls today to elect its flag bearer to help forge a formidable team that will topple the NPP in the 2020 general election. The New Patriotic Party (NPP) will hope that the NDC delegates vote any of the other six(6) contenders as the flag bearer of the NDC and not the former president of the Republic of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama.

The six candidates battling it out with the former president are Dr Ekwow Spio-Garbrah , Alban Bagbin , Joshua Alabi , Augustus ‘Goosie’ Tanoh, and Nurudeen Iddrisu.

It looks as though the former president is a torn in the flesh of the NPP as he has been the most vocal on national issues and the most visible contender among the NDC presidential hopefuls. There is no doubt that the former president is one of the few marketable candidates that appeal to voters and his experience as a former president speaks volumes. An entirely new candidate will require extensive marketing and branding to bring him at par with the obvious choice of the NPP, current president of the republic Nana Addo.

mahama vs NPP
Mahama vs NPP

The NDC flagbearer race had earlier on been hit by hitches such as a result of the high filing fees and other issues which led to the postponement of the elections until today.

The 2020 election will be one of the biggest elections in the history of Ghana when the NPP and the NDC lead the race to the presidency. In recent times, the electorates have become more decerning and vote based on the convincing and attractive manifestoes on the table.

The National democratic congress as a party must provide very convincing reasons why the people of Ghana should bring them back to power at the 2020 general elections. The outcome of this flag bearer election is going to set the pace for the road to the presidency.

The NPP will hope Mahama is not elected, but it is the delegates casting their votes that will have the say. Each vote dropped into the ballot box, tells the story, adds to the numbers and by the end of the election, the votes will tell if the wishes of the NPP will be met. The NDC would wish to come out strong and united after this election.

The NPP as a party is following the proceedings of the flag bearer election just like any good scout will do ahead of a football match against an opponent. It seems the NPP is in desperation as they keep asking why the NDC is bringing back the former president of Mahama. Gbagbin earlier on spoke to XYZ Fm saying he is against vigilantes and the mayhem being caused by this group of people. He called on the government to support the security service to help deal with this problem in our politics. Chairman of the NDC, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo hoped that the electoral commission will announce the winner at the party headquarters.

The return of Mahama is going to create serious nightmare for the NPP. let us wait for the end of the polls.

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