NPP hates to be tagged as “Incompetent”, don’t try it.


The ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) hates to be tagged as “incompetent”, whether you are a sympathizer of the party, a member or not. This was the same tag they placed on former president John Dramani Mahama before the 2016 general elections.

Today, the NPP has sacked two (2) of its communicators for tagging the Upper East Region Deputy Regional Minister as “incompetent” and this to some extent is laughable.

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In recent times, the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has been tapping into this same “slogan” and tagging some persons in the NPP and some of goverment’s appointees as “incompetent”.

The National Organizer of the National Democratic Congress, Joshua Akamba described the EC boss as an “incompetent” person who doesn’t understand how elections are conducted in the country.

A group within the NDC recently described Valerie Sawyer as Incompetent over her take on the celebration of June 4th every year.

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From all indications, the two big political parties see each other as “incompetent” and members within these parties also see others within the party as incompetent.

In the wake of the challenges that confronted the banking sector in Ghana, the ruling NPP government led by President Nana Addo did all it can to solve the problems but, the NDC tagged the president as “Incompetent” because the said Nana Addo spent more in collapsing banks.

But to have a ruling party’s communicators call its own appointees “incompetent” carries a lot of weight. If the party’s own communicators can be bold in enough to tell its leaders they are “incompetent”. What else can the ordinary citizen say?

First of all, are those two party communicators telling us the truth or they are only being unrealistic?

Were the gentlemen telling us and the NPP the truth that, the party wants to hide to look good and appealing to the electorates? If yes, truth is bitter indeed and not many including political parties want to be told the truth in their face by their own people for fear it could damage the reputation of the party.

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To make matters worse, the two officers have been relieved of their posts. The New Patriotic Party seems not to be comfortable with the “incompetent” slogan they chorused at every giving opportunity and should the other opposition parties start echoing this against the ruling government, it may become a nuisance to them.

Today, Mr Johnson Ayine and Mr Wilson Dabou are out for good as communicators of the party. Does the leadership of the party at the regional level believe that, the statement by the two is true or false? This has decision could mean that, the statements the two made are actually true. It could also be false.

According to the Regional Executives the statement that the Deputy Regional Minister is incompetent amounts to a misconducted on the “Day break Upper East” talk show aired on A1 Radio on 19th July, 2019.

Don’t be surprised if a new word emerges to replace incompetence in the heated campaign season towards the 2020 general elections.

Source: Wisdom Hammond


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