Norwich City Makes Man. City look Useless in -3-1 win

No one expected that Norwich City had the gut to rock shoulders with Manchester City nor even win. But they proved all the football pundits wrong on match day.

Theyshockedus all as they defeated the defending champions.ManchesterCity is not a small team and are one of the favourites expected to win the season’s trophy.

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The sheer difference between the two sides in terms of team quality, player by player quality and experienced favoured Manchester city however, Manchester City saw the visitors installed as overwhelming favourites to claim all three points.

Manchester City lost no game since a 3-1 reversal to Crystal Palace in January. However, Norwich was not a fully feet team as it had injury worries and was missing no less than eight first-team players.

This was not enough to make them fall victim to Manchester City. Theyusedtheir weak team on the matchday to cause a big upset in English Football. The sentshockwavesacross the world of football, with an early 2-0 lead, whichwas reducedby agoalthrough Sergio Aguero right on the stroke of half-time.

The second half saw the Big boys,MachesterCity being humbled by the less fancied team beforethe commencement ofthe game. Pundits did not even give Norwich City a dog’s chance ahead of the game.

Things provedto bedifficult for Man City as another goal by Norwich just five minutes into the second half killed the spirit and self-belief of the Manchester City lads. From thismoment, they were chasing the ball.

The icing on the cake came late in the game when Norwich City a second late goal throughRodrito set up a grandstand finish.

The hosts ultimately held on for what would go down as one of the biggest upsets in the league this season.

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