Why Messi is good but Ronaldo is far better

World football has been faced with the Messi vs Ronaldo argument every time the two are discussed. Just as the fans of Messi hold him in high esteem, Cristiano Ronaldo is equally valued and respected by his teaming fan.

In the midst of all these heated arguments as to which of the two is the best in the world, many pundits have given their reasons for choosing one over the other. Between the two players who make football lovely to watch based on the skills, pedigree and what they bring to every match, they know who is the best of the two themselves.

For ego reasons and not to discourage their teaming supporters across the world, they will never come out to say anything until they probably have retired from the game.

The endless debate that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo have been subject to has been endless. The debate which is always based on who is the best footballer on the planet, or who has the best of skills can sometimes get nasty if care is not taken. That is enough evidence to the world as to how much influence these two giants have marketed football via their skills and performance

Lionel Messi is one amazing chap one may compare to Ronaldinho of Brazil in his prime at Barcelona. Messi has actually won more La Liga trophies than Ronaldo, but the question is did they both got signed and were brought into the La Liga league at the same time? The answer is obviously no.

Hence if Messi has won more trophies in the La Liga, it is a non-starter. The best way to make this comparison is to look at the number of trophies each won when they were both playing the La Liga.

If we give Messi the above, credit, Ronaldo is touted as the greatest because he has proven that, he can win titles and come to the big games. He has won different league titles whiles Messi can only boast of winning all his league titles in Spain. This alone gives Messi a shot in the foot.

Experience of Messi and Ronaldo

Ronaldo has acquired varied experience from diverse leagues making him, the more valued of the two players. He easily fits into any team, compared to Messi because of this. Take it or leave it, his experience as a player in the Portuguese league, joining Manchester United then Real Madrid and now making his presence felt big time in Juventus gives him a far better edge over Messi.

He played in the EPL for six years and a further Nine years in Spain. His CV as a footballer is super rich. Every club will love to have such an experienced player in their team but the same cannot be said for Messi. You will agree with me that, Ronaldo is a favorite on any game day ahead of Messi even before the game starts. Messi has failed to blend so well with even his own national team. Players at Barcelona are able to play according to his style while others in his National Argentine team cannot. On days that, you expect the chap to shine, he hibernates.

But, Messi also has his own personality and style of play that makes him unique. THE Barcelona and Argentine star has humiliated many teams the world over. OMG, his nimble foots, coupled with how he glues the ball to his foot in his dribbles, dummies area delight to watch. He makes goal-keepers look armature several times on a good day.

Other minor reasons why Ronaldo is better than Messi

However, he cannot boast of any international exposure when it comes to playing in different leagues like Ronaldo.

Ronaldo as a player has a psyche that goes to his advantage in every game. His fitness level, high powered mentality, agility as a player are second to none. He stood the test of unwarranted jeers and hateful chants in Spain to give Barcelona and other teams a hell of a time.

With such a play in a team, you are sure to pull through. His most recent outstanding performance in Juventus is how he over turned a 2-0 lost to altletico Madrid in the champions league with three sweet goals. This hat-trick broke Atletico Madrid hearts on the day. It seems, it is performances like this, that Messi just cannot produce making Ronaldo a better player compared to Messi.

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