New Irresistible NDC Election 2020 song-Y3n tu noo Y3n tu Nana

General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia has said his party will win the upcoming elections if the elections are conducted in a free and fair manner.

Nana Addo b3k) ama Mahama aba is the title of the new irresistible NDC Election 2020 song by Sir Christlike. The chorus …Y3n tu noo Y3n tu Nana will shake and move you to the dancing floor.

This is a great boost for the NDC and efforts by Ghanaians towards victory for John Dramani Mahama. This powerful election 2020 song by a young chap Christlike Nhyiraba Kwadwo who is timely and a big support to the NDC in its quest to wrestle power from the NPP come December 7, 2020, through the ballot box.

You cannot miss the punch lines that market the NDC and the flag bearer his Excellency John Dramani Mahama a perfect choice. Mahama who is seeking a second term to lead Ghana to complete is good unfinished business would be happy to hear the lyrics of this song.

If you have seen anyone “uprooting cassava” on his farm, then you will understand the intentions behind this song which will enjoy play and trend across Ghana and beyond. The chorus starts with “Y3n tu noo, Y3n tu Nana.. literally meaning, let us remove or take Nana out of power. It is not only infectious but a gives goosebumps to those who related to the song

In an interview with the composer, Sir Christlike, we asked him about what motivated him to write, compose and record the song. He said he believes that the good things that were done by former President in terms of development and the NDC flag bearer for the 2020 general election, John Dramani Mahama while in power inspired him to support to help bring him back to continue his good works.

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It is his humble hope that this song will help Ghanaians make a better choice between the current president of Ghana and the finest JDM who he believes is coming back to continue his developmental agenda for Ghana.

When asked if he had any message for Ghanaians, he said “2020 is a victory year for NDC”

The confident Sir Christlike had a piece of advice for all floating voters and the teaming youth who are disappointed in the NPP government which lied into power. Listening to the lyrics of the fast-paced song, one would conclude that, it’s an amazing piece of art, danceable and irresistible. “JM is a man with vision, is about time we have to vote for him again to accomplish and fulfill his mission” Christlike said.

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A well-planned video for this song for the NDC will not be a bad idea. He looks forward to the NDC getting in touch with him on +233 55 766 2586 and help him with this.

If you doubt, just listen to full music and watch teaser videos here

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