John Dramani Mahama Elected NDC flag bearer to match Nana Addo “Boot for Boot”

Fear grips the New Patriotic Party after the convincing re-election of Mahama. John Dramani Mahama has been elected as the flag bearer to lead the NDC into the 2020 general election. The election of Mahama indicates that the electorate resonates with his personality and credibility going into the 2020 election.

This outcome will give Mahama the right to match Nana Addo of the NPP boot for boot for the right to the presidency.

In 2018, when former President Mahama was jabbed by president Nana Addo who said, he was not going to respond to comments made by flag bearer hopefuls. Now, that era has passed.
As to whether the re-election of Mahama sends shivers down the spine of the current ruling NPP government, time will tell.

Official Results of the Presidential Candidate Election

The results declared by the electoral commission are as follows

John Mahama – 213487 votes representing – 95.23 percent

Bagbin – 2301 votes representing -1.03 percent

Nurudeen –520 votes representing – 0.23 percent

Sylvester Mensah- 934 votes representing – 0.42 percent

Spio-1447 votes representing – 0.65 percent

Goose Tano-2091 votes representing -0.93 percent

Joshua Alabi-3404 votes representing – 1.52 percent

Sylvester Mensah – 932 representing 0.41%

At the declaration event was very important persons of the NDC including the general secretary Asiedu Nketia, Kwame Pepreh, Totobi Kwakye, and National executives were duly represented.

Honourable Kofi Attor, said ahead of the declaration of the results by the EC that, it had not been easy for the team to work hard as the campaign team of John Dramani Mahama.

Certified EC results, Total of 262,142 voters were on the register as qualified voters

Votes cast amounted to 225,521. 1337 votes were rejected wiles valid votes added up to 224,184

The Electoral Commission declared former President of Ghana winner of the flag bearer election of the NDC.

The general secretary Johnson Asiedu Nketia thanked all party supporters across the country for the comportment and the peace nature of the election. He part the police on their back for an election free from security breaches.


The declaration of John Dramani Mahama as the flag bearer of the NDC was greeted with great jubilation and ecstasy. The NDC national executives have put in place strategies to win the 2020 elections. The NDC has shown that it is a democratic party haven allowed other contenders to contest a seating president for the right to lead the party as its flag bearer.

He spoke about the need for unity after the polls. He said there is always unity after the NDC primaries and this was not going to be different.

Mahama who is identified as a unifier in the party is expected to help heal petty wounds within the party and build a formidable team. NDC supporters believe Mahama’s endorsement is a big opportunity for the NDC to take over the governance of this country. According to some delegates interviewed, is a torn in the flesh of the NPP and their efforts to disqualify him never worked.

Party faithfuls beleive that, the dust has settled, now it is time for the rank and file of NDC to unite for a resounding victory for NDC in 2020 general elections so as to send the NPP into opposition.

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