NDC Presidential Candidate Elect, Infographics and Analysis

The presidential candidate elect of the NDC John Dramani Mahama is an indication of the absence of serious divisions within the party. He chocked 95.23 % of the total votes cast to emerge the winner of the election.

Analysing the results critically, one could confidently say, a coalition of the six other aspirants would not even be enough to obtain 5% of the total valid votes on the day. In all the six other aspirants obtained just 4.77% of the votes.

The over whelming victory also implies that, John Dramani resonates with the grassroots and is more appealing to voters than the other six candidates together.

Going into the election, Hon. Alban Gbagbin seemed to have an urge over the others contending to topple Mahama for the ticket to represent the NDC at the 2020 general election however, the outcomes proved otherwise. Prof. Joshua Alabi just as John Dramani Mahama was visible at the grass root travelling across the length and breadth of the nation to meet the grass root supporters. Is he by any chance eyeing the slot of a running mate? the days ahead will tell.T

Profs grassroots campaign positively impacted his votes as he performed better than Gbagbin. He obtained 3,404 of the total valid votes cast 1.52 per cent.

Infographics and Analysis


John Dramani Mahama in a short victory speech at the Party headquarters after the results were declared admonished party supports to trust one another and forge forward in the spirit of unity.

The trend of the results from when they began to trickle in till the end proved that, the NDC is united and has a common voice and desire across the entire nation regarding who should lead the party into the 2020 election.

From John Dramani Mahama’s speech, one could feel the desire to heal the cracks they may exist in the party ahead of the 2020 election campaigns. On the day, Dr Spio Gabrah failed to impress with the votes he obtained. He obtained1447 votes. This indicates that he has to do more to become attractive for the 2024 slot of the party if he will be given the nod by the party faithful.

The other five contenders at the moment do not have what it takes to lead the party hence their poor show. However, the fact that John Dramani Mahama had been a former president before was a magic card he held in hand going into the election. T

The high voter turnout and the total of 95% votes could be interpreted that, party faithful at the grace root are beginning to believe in the party and its leaders going into the 2020 election and that the party has learnt from its 2016 general election defeat.

The statement made by the Presidential candidate elect that “the NDC is strong” is based on the overwhelming endorsement of John Dramani Mahama. All is set for John Dramani Mahama Elected NDC flag bearer to match Nana Addo “Boot for Boot”

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