National Council of PTA: GES posture and Decision on PTA Dues/Levies baseless


The National Council of Parent Teachers Association (NCPTA) has indicated that, it was dismayed by the recent directives from the GES to all Regional Directors of Education in which the GES debunked any agreement reached between the two parties in the issue relating to the lifting of ban on the charging and payment of levies/ dues.

In the said letter the GES quoted sections of the laws governing education. cited the said letter in a post titled: GES likely to make a U-Turn on Dues, Levies and Exams Fees ban. In the letter, the GES said

Attention of management of the Ghana Education Service (GES) has been drawn to a publication purportedly issued by the National President of Parent/Teachers Association to the effect that the suspension imposed on dues/levies in Public Schools has been lifted. Management of the GES wishes to make it clear that the suspension of imposition of dues/levies in all public schools is still in force and has NOT been lifted.

This is what the NCPTA is not happy about because according to them in a letter dated 10th May 2019, they had agreed with the GES that the ban should be lifted.

They also indicate that the association depends on the dues collected which parents pay voluntarily to run it and the ban is affecting its work. The NCPTA sees the action of the GES as disgusting in the first instance as to why it will suspend a voluntary contribution. The NCPTA the action of the GES is enough to suggest that, there is a hidden motive behind the matter in contention.  It indicated that if that was not the case. The impudence of stressing its continued enforcement with the glee will not be so visible

The NCPTA also added that the levies are only charged to complement efforts of government in putting up infrastructure of which it is obvious the public schools lack.

The plain truth is that the PTA has contributed immensely over the years to building infrastructure in public schools and continues to do so not for the fun of it but because our legitimate children/wards are in these schools.

National Council of PTA: GES posture and Decision on PTS Dues/Levies baseless
National Council of PTA: GES posture and Decision on PTS Dues/Levies baseless

The National Council of Parent Teachers Association (NCPTA) has also stated that the collection of the dues do not in any way conflict with the Act (1) and 25(1a) in respect of the PTA aims and objectives. It says that GES basis for banning the collection of dues/levies is flawed and without basis.

The leadership of the NCPTA have called on the GES to as a matter of urgency withdraw all directives to Regional Directors of Education and further assured the GES that its collection of dues/levies will continue per the mutual agreement with the GES council.


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