12-year-old class six pupil hanged himself to death

A primary six (6)pupil who is just 12 years of age has is alleged to have done the unthinkable. He is alleged to have hanged himself to death. The sad incident happened on Sunday in an uncompleted building located in the near his residence where he lives with the parents.

He was only found after the incident and was found dead. When he was found, he was hanging on the rag that was hooked to the window of the building.

The incident which has shocked everyone who heard it occurred in the Nkwanta in the New Juaben South Municipality. The family of the deceased, teachers and pupils are yet to come to terms with it.

The body of the deceased has since then been deposited at the morgue for preservation and autopsy while investigations are carried on to substantiate the reality of the fact.

The 12 years of age did not leave any note to help his family and the community to know the reasons behind the act, however, sources say the deceased was rebuked by the mother in the morning of the incident.

The police are investigating the case to ascertain what might have made him take such a decision and if he really committed the suicide.

As to what really compelled the young lad to take such a decision is not known yet. If he really committed suicide, no one can tell the reason now until the police are through with their investigations.

But the truth needs to be told. In recent times, children in Basic schools in Ghana are becoming difficult to manage at home, in school and within the communities in which they leave. If they don’t stripe naked and post on social media, they organize sex parties.

In some homes, children cannot even share their problems with parents and in extreme cases, children trust their friends compared to their parents hence they are more likely to share their challenges with them believing that such inexperienced friends will be able to offer better solutions. Ghana is on a path towards destruction because children of today are becoming social misfits. Are our social systems failing us?

Source: Newsghana24.com

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