Nana Ama crusades against NDC, NPP: Be Accountable, stop bitting each other

Nana Aba Anamoah jabbed President Akufo-Addo and John Mahama, the former president, and their various political parties, in a video sighted by

“Ghanaians should wake up and smell the coffee, I think these two political parties are taking us on a ride They’re taking us for granted. They’ve been doing it for too long,” she added.

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Sampled views on the issue from social media shows massive support for the brave Nana Ama Anamoah.

Nana Ama Anamoah’s crusade against NDC, NPP resonated with Ghanaians on the political divide. Many have responded and believe, the two parties are the reason why Ghana is staggering and where she is today.

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Others also hold the view that they should be accountable to the people of Ghana and stop biting each other… “the same thing you criticized whiles in opposition then you come to do the same. Why? someone asked.

Others held the view that what needs to be changed is the attitude and approach of the Ghanaian.

For many more, a united front to change the two political parties (NPP & NDC) is the sure way to go. Because they are misleading the country to neo-colonization, anger, poverty, disgrace and the like.

Let us bring our minds together and change this system, let us try other parties as well.

Nana Aba is right and I fully support her, we know Mahama did not do anything that is why we voted him out, now we want to hear what you have done and what you will be doing going forward. We are not interested in Mahama’s achievements but yours.

You better stop talking about John Mahama and tell Ghanaians what he has achieved.

These two parties are taking us for a ride and we Ghanaians need to take action against them.

The crusade has just begun and social media is blazing in unity against the NDC and the NPP. But how far can the talk go without the use of our votes to send both parties into opposition?

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