Nana Addo can win the 2020 Elections with Free SHS Students

Nana Addo can win the 2020 Elections with Votes from Free SHS students. Most of the students in the Senior High Schools enjoying the Free SHS policy of the government would turn 18 before the elections are held in December 2020.

Just 50% of the over 1.2 million beneficiaries of the Free SHS can have a lot to say as to who wins the 2020 presidential elections. The NPP led by candidate Nana Addo in 2016 won by a margin of approximately one million votes, if the Free SHS students can give him close to the number of votes in 2020 it will be interesting to see how it will play out in the final results. 

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Elections and  SHS Free Students

50% of SHS candidates enjoying Free SHS would not be less than 600,000 votes today.

If Another batch is added in September 2020 after the 2020 BECE, the other political parties should brace themselves for a huge endorsement. The Free SHS policy is one policy that has tourched many lives and families irrespective of one’s status in society. 

Parents of these children would also cast their votes come 2020 if they decide to tone the line of their children for fear of losing the benefits of the Free SHS that could double the figures in favour of the NPP.

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Although the 2019 school placement gave the government a poor and bad publicity, if they can smoothen the rough edges and provide a problem-free placement portal in 2020, it will further increase the chances of the NPP to beat the NDC to it. 

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Politics and elections are about the numbers, however, the NPP knows very well that, the NDC will not be a walkover and that, the Free SHS is a magic wand in their hands which must be used very well. 

For the past 2 years, the New Patriotic Party has managed to shoot down every propaganda or legitimate concerns raised by the NDC against the Free SHS.

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They have equally beefed up their propaganda to ensure the gains made by the party through the introduction of the Free SHS is not eroded away by any attempt by the NDC.

But, can the NPP sustain its game, and be more strategic and can the NDC provide a better alternative in Education related issues as the 2020 elections draw nearer?

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Only time, the manifestoes, ideas and strategic positioning of policies will lead to winning the 2020 election. The NPP will guard the Free SHS policy with alacrity to help it win. 

Although the NPP has some out-of-the-box scandals around its neck, free SHS policy may play a critical role in determining the 2020 election results.

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