My Experience As A Teacher  In The Village – True story

Teaching in the village is not bad as most young teachers perceive, there are so many lessons that every teacher must not miss, there are also horrible situations that any teacher must not go through.

My experience as a teacher in Pomaakrom, a village in the Asunafo North Municipal. Pomaakrom from the Municipal Capital ( Goaso) is about 30Km which include 16Km of deep rain Forest, the road to the village is very horrible at times, during rain seasons passengers must push vehicles stuck in the muddy road before they can get their way out, because of the bad nature of the road, you can’t go to that village and return on the same day, as at 2003, the date I was posted to that place, there were no electricity and network service.

The inhabitants of Pomaakrom are predominantly farmers, the only government workers at the place are teachers. So teachers are expected to be the highly respected people after the chief of the village. But not always that due to one or two reasons.

The senior teachers in the community always do their best to find accommodation for new teachers before their arrival,the pupils at the place are not all that bad but purely ignorant.

Some of the parents in the community are also ignorant that, they place their material needs over that of their children education, parental care is a big problem, due to that some adults always take advantage of the girl child.

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Teachers exchange intellectual blows over who deserves to be posted

Teachers are posted to a community not only to teach, but also to serve as a guidance and counselor to the students and even the parents as well,but in this village if you get closer to a student and the parents, there is only one suspicion, “sexual affairs” due to their past experiences.

And they have every right to suspect due to the behavior of some the teachers, teachers who spends more than three years in the village becomes frustrated and artificially becomes natives of the community and are likely to do anything nasty to soil the names of teachers.

Students easily get pregnant; parents easily give their children of school going age out for marriage.

If teachers stay longer in the village, it affects their social, psychological, education, sexual and marital life and for that matter reduces the quality of the delivery of their work as a teacher in the community. Making his or her life endangered.

I recommend to the District Directors of education that, they should not wait for something bad to happen to the teacher or wait for the teacher to put up some deviant behavior before they are transferred, at most three years experience in the village is enough for the teacher to be transferred.

Source: Eric Wireko

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