Murdered head teacher deserves State Burial just like Major Mahama

The murdered head teacher Mr George Somuah Bosompim deserves a state burial just like Major Mahama. A group of concerned teachers have called on the government to honour the murdered head teacher, the late Mr George Somuah Bosompim with a state burial just as was done for MAJOR MAHAMA who was also murdered during the fight to curb Galamsey.

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The late Mr George Somuah Bosompim was the head teacher of Asiakwa Salvation Army Basic School. He was beaten mercilessly by a gang of young men believed to be on drugs. They used the school premises for smoking illegal drugs such as weed. According to the news that came in in the wake of the sad event, the head teacher was murdered after he had gone public to warn the miscreants to stay off his school compound.

According to the teachers, Major Mahama died as a result of protecting state property just as Mr. Bosompim died as a result of protecting state property (School). The argue that both Major Mahama and Mr. Bosompem while serving the nation beaten to death.

Hence they are calling on the government to give the late Bosompim a state burial. The group also called on the president to be at the funeral of the late head teacher just as was the case when the president was at the funeral of Major Mahama.

They have also called on the government to set up an endowment fund for the children of the late Mr. George Somuah Bosompim just as was done for Major Mahama’ kids and family.

The media have also been called upon to discuss extensively about the murder of the head teacher however, there are no videos on the crime as was the case of Major Mahama. Some have also argued that the GES has asked parents to deal with teachers who use the cane on their wards are punish them, now the community members are killing them for doing their work.

The COHBS National Secretariat, GNAT, GNAGRAT and CCT have all been called upon to organize press conferences and not remain silent over the matter.

The group also indicated that if their demands are not meet, they will express their will through the 2020 general elections.

Finally, they called on the GES Director-General to be a citizen and not a spectator

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