LEAKED AUDIO: Lilwin impregnated a white lady, so I cheated- Ex-wife weeps

According to the ex-wife of Kumawood star and musician Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin, Lilwin impregnated a white lady. Hence she also decided to cheat. She revealed that the white lady was impregnated when he travelled abroad however, he kept it a secret.

It has been suggested that Lilwin should conduct a DNA test to ascertain if the children bore by his former wife are all his children after she was caught cheating.

The Secret behind Pats Cheating of Kwadwo Nkansah Lilwin

However, before Lilwin even takes the initiative based on the suggestion, audio believed to have been shared by Top Kay is trending.

His Ex-wife known as Pat has publicly confessed that she slept with another man.

The reason for taking the action according to her action was because of Lilwin’s maltreatment.

Excerpts from the leaked audio

I never dreamt that this is what you will do. So while you were travelling abroad, you had impregnated a lady in abroad and given birth.

I told those who reported it to me that, it was not true and I never believed them.

You never told me, you have also impregnated a white lady. Kojo, be careful.

I swear by the water I drink and antoa god that, if not for what you have done, I will not have gone out to sleep with another man.

I did this so that, if I am not happy, I will call the man and have a chat. When I call you will not respond. So now I know you are hurt.

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She also alleged that Lilwin had put a white lady in a family way when he travelled abroad which he had hidden from her till she found out.

Pat has also revealed that their marital problems started after she got to know of the amoral relationship the husband had with the white woman and the pregnancy which is the end result of it.

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