Kotoka Intl Airport to be privatized – Staff vow to fight Gov’t with blood

Information gathered by Newsghana24 indicates that the government of Ghana plans to privatize the Kotoka International Airport (KIA). The staff of KIA have vowed saying “We’ll fight with our blood to keep our jobs”.

Members of the Ghana Airport Company Limited Workers’ Unions led by the leadership of the union arepreparedto fight with their blood and put their lives on the line to stop the alleged privatization of the Airport.

This allegation popped up after the leadership of the unionwas accusedof mischief and misleading their followers by the Aviation ministerKofiAda.

In an interview with Bola Ray on Starr Chat Aviation ministerKofiAda indicated that the leadership of the association were misinforming members about theprivatizationof the airport all inan attempt toget their followers behind them.

IssakaBamba, chairman of the union has debunked the claims by the minster and said they will resist every attempt by thegovernmenttoprivatizethe operations of the KotokaInternationalAirport (KIA).

“If you gauge the mood of staff back at the airport I can tell you it’s not that safe. We can control it up to some level, we wish it doesn’t get there. Because we want to protect the jobs for our people and they shouldn’t try it. I can assure you we will fight with our blood to protect the job for our people,” he warned.

Background to Kotoka Intl Airport Privatization

TAV Airport Holding Company Limited per a cabinet memoin possession ofStarrfm.com.gh will be in charge of the “day to day operations, including facility maintenance and fees collections.”

The aim of the proposal, according to the leaked cabinet document, is “to help bring about physical development of the airport enclave and transform the KIA into aworld classairport with improved managerial efficiency.”

The document prepared by the Aviation Minister for Cabinet consideration said under its Concession Agreement clause that: “As payment for their services, the concessionaires receive a percentage of the gross revenues fromthe operation ofthe airport butare requiredto pay the airport owner the greater of this percentage amount or aminimumannual guaranteed amount.”

It added: “The Concessionaires assume most of the risk for potential downturns in the airport revenues but also receive a greater reward if there is an unexpected increase in airline passenger traffic.”

The proposal noted the terminals at the Kotoka International Airportwill be managedby “airlines or other airport managers.”

Source: Starrfm | Newsghana24

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