Fighting “Men of God” are self made

Ghana has become a fertile ground for self-styled men of God who has received “The calling” to win souls for God. Today, they fight each other as though they all have their own God or “god” separate and distinct from the God the other pastor (enemy) serves.  

When an ordinary christian looks on from afar, s/he should be able to read in between the lines. If the so-called men of God are serving the same true God, why do they fight and compete with each other if their source of power is not the same. God is not the source of confusion and cannot fight himself. 

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“Men of God” and Perceptions 

I have heard somewhere that, the Christian faith and pastoral work have become a haven for persons who may be having some psycho related problems. HOW TRUE CAN THIS BE? 

If God truly calls you, we shall see his true calling in you. You do not need to tell us you are an angel, superior is spirit for God cannot fight himself. 

Whiles some of these men of God say, they are more powerful, others are saying they are leaders in spiritual matters. Come to think of it. God does not give those he has called the same gift, level of power and true men of God are humble. 

Can we say the same of these pastors and Angels and Obofours in our mist today? It looks as though believers in Ghana and the Christian faith is suffering from the presence of several money and fame conscious “men of God” who are saying Abba Father, when the mean something else.

By their fruits ye shall know them.That is my novice bible verse. The beef, the fights, the insults and quarrels between pastors who claim they have been called by God makes many wonder if these self styled men are really working for the True God. They must be ashamed of themselves.  

Many of these so called men of God are chasing after worldly things while many are leading the children of God who have refused to see the light astray. Some may be serving other things, drawing their power from other sources rather than from the true one God. 

Ghanaians and Christians across this nation want to see the true Jesus reflected in the utterances, actions, deeds and every other thing the so called “men of God” do.

Bear the fruits of the true calling and let us know you by your fruits. 


Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond |Human Rights Activist|Public Speaker| Budding Leadership & Research Expert |Educationist, Author & Blogger |

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