Just In: NABCO- Our arrears have prolonged beyond the layman’s imagination


CONAT has earnestly admonished the NABCO Secretariat to double up and clear all arrears backlogs since it has prolonged beyond the layman’s imagination and deepest comprehension.

This and other critical issues were contained in a press release. Read the full press release below


Special thanks to all NaBco trainees for the inveterate support and massive involvements in all developments we have rolled out purported to strengthen our position as trainees in this initiative. Many thanks to you all for maintaining the solidarity, cordiality and descent composure on various platforms amid the inconveniences some of us have recorded since the inception of this programme.

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We wish to set the records straight that the Coalition of Nabco Trainees (CONAT) remains the only untainted Mouth Piece of Nabco Trainees committed to spearheading resolutions of Trainees germane concerns through timely petitioning, negotiations, and agitations.

We therefore admonish all Trainees to discard any sectionalist group, rise above partisan considerations, and acknowledge our collective efforts which seek to safeguard Trainees comfort and success in the scheme during and after the term of the contract.

In all, CONAT says, we love your patience, positive energies and vibrations. NaBco is our heritage, let’s treasure it and brainstorm descent mechanisms geared towards mining the goodies of this initiative by channeling our inputs, recommendations and petition for the collective well-being of trainees.

CONAT expresses a disheartening concern to the prolong payment of arrears due Trainees in various categories with some accruing from the genesis of this initiative.

Evidence of this is rooted in the ongoing sectionist agitations and threat of demonstration against management.

CONAT is not associated to the current development neither do we oppose it. This means CONAT has been justified.

Our activities were not a malicious attempt to sabotage this laudable initiative. It is the right of such segment of Trainees to demonstrate to express their misgivings provided they’ve met all specifications of the law.

CONAT deems at this juncture of craving national development involving the quest of citizenry workaholism, it is unpardonable on the side of management to continue steering this precious social vehicle for 10 solid months with still lingering deficiencies.

CONAT therefore earnestly admonishes the Secretariat to double up and clear all arrears backlogs since it has prolonged beyond the layman’s imagination and deepest comprehension.

Again, Trainees who have submitted other concerns before the Coalition including various degree of infractions at the district level should remain calm as we address them in the days ahead.

This week, CONAT is set to launch our official campaign for Trainees Mechanization.

This mission will encapsulate stakeholders consultations, petitioning and representation on various labour front shows to throw more light on our activities in relation to the ongoing public sector recruitments.



The President of the Republic of Ghana

The Veep of the Republic of Ghana

The Cabinet

The Parliament

The Minister of Finance

The Minister of Information

The Nabco Secretariat

All media houses

All Nabco Trainees Nationwide.







@and etc.


Frank Aboagye Mensah

PRO, Coalition of Nabco Trainees


Nana Barima Asamoah

President, Coalition of Nabco Trainees



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