Just In: NABCO Arrears Not Paid – 8 months in Arrears – (CoUANT)

A group calling itself Coalition of Unpaid Arrears Nabco Trainees (CoUANT) has debunked news making rounds on social media and some online news portals that Nabco arrears have been paid from December 2018 to May 2019- NABCO Trainees Association of Ghana-(NABTAG). This means their stipends are in arrears up to 8 months.

NABCO trainees have been complaining about their unpaid stipends for several months now. The NABCO has come out to indicate that, December to May Arrears for Section of NABCO Trainees Paid without SMS!!! On its Face book wall and had further indicated that #NABTAG which is the association of all NABCO trainees has confirmed that such payments have been made.

The Coalition of Unpaid Arrears Nabco Trainees have therefore decided to embark on a massive peaceful demonstration on Tuesday 6th August 2019 to register their displeasure.

This was contained in a Press Release – communiqué of the coalition sighted by newsghana24.com.

Below is the full content of the release.

Re: Nabco Arrears have been Paid from December 2018 to May 2019-NABTAG

We write to debunk the claims made by NABTAG that arrears due to nabco trainees from December 2018 to May 2019 have been paid without messages alert and so they can go to banks and check.

As we write this communiqué, little below thirty (30) trainees were paid from February 2019 to May 2019. As we always know this is yet another tactic by NABCO Secretariat to cancel our intended demonstration to inform the government about the suffering some Trainees are going through.

In this released, we call on all Nabco Trainees who have Arrears from November 2018 to date to join us come 6th August 2019 at the office of Nabco Secretariat to register our pains and suffering to the government.

We, therefore, invite all media houses to come and cover our intended peaceful demonstration come Tuesday 6th August 2019.



Cc: Nabco Secretariat


: All Media Houses

Signed Converner






Secretary- Basumin Simon 0543208999

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