JUST IN: Ghana Police calls back 2016/2017 Applicants for recruitment

Ghana Police calls back 2016/2017 Applicants for recruitment.Thiswas sharedon the official Facebook page of the Ghana police service.

The statement issued by the law enforcing service indicated that: The Police Administration has started inviting Applicants on standby from the 2016/2017 recruitment application process through the email addresses already provided to the Police Service by the Applicants.

Applicants whowill be contactedby the Police Servicewill be directedto report to the National Police Headquarters, Accra for further interactions.

The General Publicshould beaware that some unscrupulous persons may want to take advantage of this exercise to defraud them.

Under no circumstance should anybody pay money or part with any valuable item on the promise that he/shewill be recruitedinto the Ghana Police Service.

Anybody whois askedto pay money for Police recruitment should report the person requesting for payment to the nearest Police Station or call 191 or 18555 to make a report.

Many applicants from the 2016/2017 batch who were on stand by have been advised to check their emails. In a related development, an excited Ghanaian youth took to the official Facebook page of the Ghana Police and share his view saying:

It is good that the Police Administration is informing applicants of the preliminary processes.


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Theadviceto applicants to report persons who ask for paymentsin connection withthe recruitment exercise is also useful, save to add that the Police Administration shouldprovideatoll-freenumber accessible to its professional standards bureau and the Special Prosecutor so allegationscan bethoroughly investigated and dealt with.

I also take this opportunity to remind the Police Administration that the qualifying criteria forselectioninto the police service is too elementary and continues to deepen the structural dysfunction of the police as an institution partnering the wider society in effecting the right social change.

Applicantsmust betaken through rigorous aptitude testing, psych evaluation in addition to the physical training. The length of the training must also be reviewed to coversufficientmodules that equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills essential tomodern-daypolicing.

Above all,Inote the political influences that beset an exercise of this nature. The police service will benefit from an independent testing regime that is above partisan influences and that can publicly publish itsselectionmethodology.

This is one of the surest ways to shine the light on an institution that has been fraught with so much political tinkering.

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