Two (DOVVSU) Police women gang up to beat husband’s SECRET lover

Two (DOVVSU) Police women are in the news for the wrong reasons after ganging up to beat husband’s secret lover.

Female Police Officers working under the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) may be humans after all before becoming officers. The two female officers have been picked up by the police for their alleged ganging up and beating of a lady whose name has been giving as Rita Ogoli, a 36-year-old Nigerian.

The officers of the law who are supposed to know the law better especially given the unit they work under decided to put it professionalism aside and deal with the victim whom according to reports was dating the husband of the Senior DOVVSU officer stationed in the Ashanti Region.

The victim, Rita Ogoli reported at the Domestic Violence and Victim Support Unit (DOVVSU) after the assault. She had bruises on her left hand and deep cuts on her body. She informed the police that, she was attacked by his ex-boyfriend and his wife who was a police officer.

Lance Corporal Therese Mombi Lazames, the officer of the law who was alleged to be the police officer of who assaulted the lady.

The Ghana Police, however, ensured the right thing is done by issuing a medical form to the complainant Rita Ogoli so she could seek proper medical attention and submit the medical report to the police for investigations on the matter. The suspects were also arrested by the Ghana police but are currently on police inquiry bail.

Human Rights Violations and Police Officers

In recent times, officers have come under serious bashing for their inability to apply human rights principles and respect the rights of others while carrying out their duties.

The Ghana Police is an important institution and such outcomes only give the Ghana Police bad publicity. The recent call by the Human Rights Reporters Ghana on the need to educate Ghanaian Police Officers on Human Rights continuous to ring an important bell and must be given serious consideration.

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Officers should also maintain the high professional standard that will prevent the police service from becoming a laughing stock of the public. Let the police be respected by the actions and inactions of officers in uniform at all times.

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