Nigeria smokes out one Key suspect in Missing Taadi girls case in Nigeria

News coming in indicates that, the National Agency for the Prohibition in Trafficking of Persons (NAPTIP) in Nigeria has effected the arrest of a suspected accompliceinvolved in the kidnapping of the threeTaadigirls Ghanaian girls.

The suspect, oneChikaNnodimis stronglybelievedto be part of the kidnapping syndicate involved in cross border crimes including kidnapping. The missing Taadi girls case has become an international issue that needs to be dealt with. If Ghana will unravel the mystries, it needs excellent collaboration with Nigeria.

ChikaNnodimhas been on police list as wanted in both Nigeria and Ghana. It is alleged that he was part of the SamuelUdoetukWills and JohnOjigang that kidnapped the three missing Takoradi girls who went missing.


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The head Press and Public Relations ofNAPTIPthrough VictoriaIjampysaid
Below areexcerptsof the statement issued:

The “Operatives of the National Agency for the prohibition in trafficking of personsNAPTIPhave arrested oneChikaJohnNnodimfor alleged involvement in the kidnap of three Ghanaian girls from Ghana to Nigeria. The suspect has also been handed over to the office of the Inspector-General of Police for further investigation.”

“The suspects whois believedto bepart of a cross border criminal gang including kidnapping and have been under security watch list ofthe government ofNigeria and Ghanawas nabbedbyNAPTIPofficials after a very painstaking investigation at various locations within Nigeria and Ghana.”

“He and two other Nigerians: SamuelUdoetukWills and JohnOjiwere allegedtohave been involvedin the kidnapping of three Ghanaians girls aged between 15 and 21 years.”

“The casewas reportedto the Agency by the Ghana High Commission Abuja in April 2019 alleging the kidnap of their citizens from Ghana to Nigeria. The Agency collaborated with relevant law enforcement Agencies within Nigeria and Ghana in the investigation.”

“The casehas been transferredto the Inspector-General of Police for further investigation because finding from investigation proved that the case is not human trafficking-related but of murder and kidnap.”

The Nigerian government and security agencies have vowed to help flush out suchelementsand alsocollaborate with other national and international security agencies across borders.

They indicated that there is no place to hide for criminals in Nigeria. The missing Taadi girls mystries must be solved at all cost.

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