Juliet Ibrahim: I broke my virginity at 30? Is this true?

Juliet Ibrahim has revealed that she broke her virginity at age 30. This is a feat many young ladies of today cannot attain. Many lose their virginity even before age 14 dues to their high level of curiosity, and sexual drive.

The revelation by Juliet Ibrahim, a popular actress has sparked a social storm. Many are questioning the truth is the answer she provided when one of her teaming fans asked her at what age she broke her virginity during a question and answer time via InstaStories on May 9, 2019.

Some people are like “Seriously” It seems to be common knowledge that she had earlier on been in a relationship with Kwadwo Safo Jnr, the CEO of the Kantanka Group as well as musician Iceberg Slim.

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Ghanaians recalled that she had made herself a promise to remain a secondary virgin until further notice after she broke up with Iceberg Slim.

Hence her answer came as a big surprise to many who are yet to really believe the response she gave. Did she mean it or the answer was just for fun?

Information gathered from InstaStories indicates that in the past after her relationship failed she promised herself that one was going to get the chance to enter her pant because she had secured the place under lock and key.

Putting all these pieces together makes the puzzle surrounding Juliet Ibrahim’s answer too confusing casting doubts over the truth in the response.

However, let the truth be told, no one can tell the truth in that accept her and no one can also tell if there was just a platonic relationship between her and Iceberg Slim which never ended as a serious relationship. Let us give her the befit of the doubt and leave her alone. It is her private life and she must be respected as such.

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