Journalists take soli GHS300 from GES, Teachers battled for GH50 at curriculum training, WHY?

 Journalists Earned GHS300 soli at GES press conference, but the teacher received GH50.00 for curriculum training per day

Indeed, it is true that teachers are not respected in this country. At the last press conference organized by the Ghana Education Service, journalist who covered the program for print, radio, tv and online news portals were handed fat envelopes of GHS300.00 each.

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However, when teachers risked their lives, traveled long distances and forfeited very important commitments for the curriculum training, they were paid just GHS50.00 per day.

This payment did not come easy as teachers had to battle it out with the GES before it was finally paid to them.

During the curriculum training, teachers were also served some of the most insulting meals one can ever imagine.

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It is therefore shocking and disheartening to hear that, the Ghana Education Service had the gut to pay such huge monies to journalist to cover their press conference to clear the air over allegations that, it was conniving with the MoE and other international bodies to introduce CSE into our basic schools right from the Kindergarten.

The source of this information cannot be contested. It is important that the Ghana Education Service (GES) gives teachers the maximum respect in such matters and motivate them enough. 

Teachers spent the entire day on every other day they went for the program for not less than 4 days but journalist spent a few hours on the day and hard so much value placed on them.

The days when the teacher’s reward was believed to be in heaven is past and gone. Just as the Ghana Education Service (GES) placed value on the journalists who turned up to cover the press conference, we expect teachers to be accorded much more respect or at least in equal measure irrespective of their numbers.

If the journalist deserves soli valued at GHS300.00 for two hours work, then the teacher who spent not less than 8 hours each day for four days or more deserves better.

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