JHS Girls Again? Reveals Breast with Tattoo on social media [video]

A JHS female student bragging about her tattoo decided to show it to the cameras. She removed her valuables for the camera in an amateur video taken by another female student. One could see a group of girls seating by her as she pulled down her uniform and underwear from her neck area to reveal the thing on the right.

She did that to show the tattoo on her upper body to them. However, they decided to upload it onto the social media for reasons only known to them. The tattoo is a rose flower with a leave attached to it.

She asked her friend to take the video and then asked if she was really taken the video. She was enjoying the video section from the expression on her face. Those seating by her did not see anything wrong with it.

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Birds of a feather flock together. Instead of the others advising her to desist from it since it may fall into wrong hands, they were rather all smiling as the camera was put on them. The girls who were enjoying the video coverage termed the video “Sakasaka video”. They spoke in a language that sounded like one spoken in the northern part of Ghana and were in their famous public schools uniform which the government is planning to phase out of the system come September 2019.

Our basic school kids are becoming wayward in recent times, the discipline has been thrown to the dogs as teachers have been instructed not to touch any child.

Ghana is gradually breeding a wayward generation. We may not see the impact of our decisions and choices as a nation today until some twenty years to come.

A few days ago, final year students of Prempeh College Basic School decided to organize a sex party. It is only in a society where indiscipline has reached it peak and adults have become either bad influence or persons who cannot complain when children are going astray that such acts can take place with impunity.

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Are our families failing to mould our children or our society is no longer functioning? Have parents lost control of their role of training children? Are we all not contributing to this one way or the other? Ghana is messed up if our basic school students can organize sex parties and strip naked for fun. God help our motherland Ghana.

Our male teachers must be very careful they do not fall victim to these bad girls who they teach. The Ghana Education Service must sit up and take responsibility for ensuring discipline is observed by pupils.

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