ICM Migrates To Online Learning To Fill Education Gap

ICM migrates to online learning to fill the education gap created by the novel coronavirus. For the first time in her 20 year history, International Community School Ghana opened a new term with
a virtual assembly for students and staff across its four campuses in Accra and Kumasi.

The school rolled out a new online learning platform that allows students to join learning sessions with
their laptops, tablets and other mobile devices from the comfort of their homes.

Addressing the school community from his residence, Director of the school, Dr. Charles Yeboah
commended students, parents and staff for “displaying the true spirit of leadership that defines ICS
Ghana” to work together for a smooth transition to the virtual learning platform.

“In deed these are not normal times but as leaders and future leaders, we have not allowed the
coronavirus pandemic to leave us helpless. We have been innovative and creative in ensuring academic
continuity”, he added.

In a virtual interview, principal of the school, Ms. Lucy Ayodo said even though the school had been
using digital technology to deliver lessons prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, it took a lot of training and
collaboration between the school’s academic, administrative and IT technicians on one hand and
students and parents on the other, to put together the digital learning platform over a period of three

Important Links: ICM’s ONLINE CLASS     OR visit the school’s Remote Learning Platform

“Of course this has not happened overnight. We had to put in a lot of resources and hours over several
days to pull this off because once we are able to physically go back to school, we do not want teachers
to rush through lessons in order to complete the syllabus on time”, she said.

She added that the lockdown has not only been a good experience for the school in terms of learning
new ways of teaching and learning but it has also deepened the bond within the school community.
She disclosed that staff, parents and students have all shared creative ideas, provided technological
support for each other and been a strong emotional pillar for one another throughout the period of the
remote learning set-up.

She mentioned that one major challenge for remote learning has been consistent internet connectivity
due to teachers and parents connecting from various parts of the country and the sub-region but the
system deployed by the school allows for lessons to be recorded and saved to various class platforms so
no student will be left out during the virtual learning period.


Source: NewsGhana24.com

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