Hot Video: Placement Crisis, Small Brain Napo – Kevin Ekow Taylor

KevinEkowTaylor has said in the latest video that the Minister of Education has a Small Brain in a big head.

This was after Dr. MatthewOpokuPrempahwent toAsempahFM to allege that, about 50% of those who rushed to theIndependenceSquare wereMahamabusedNDCsupporters.

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Series of videos that give very bad publicity to the MoE and theGESpopped up, with peoplecollapsing, crying and running just to catch a seat at the independence square forthe placement oftheir children.

In his latest video,KevinEkow Taylorused upalatable words in the twi language to describe the minister of Education.

Taylor was said that there has not been oneNPPmember who has come out to speakagainstthe statements made on the day byNapo. He said: “I have not gotten anyNPPmember to come out openly tosaythestatementsmade by MatthewOpokuPrempah makes no sense”… “He has shown that he has a big head yet a small brain.”

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According to Kevin Taylor, the current MP does not qualifyto bea minister of education. Those who queued up at the independence square pay taxes whichare used to pay him GHS15,000.00 every 30 days.

He further said: ” We were happy about the free SHS…Mahama built schools, some were not completed yet the ministry did not see the need to complete them yet you go around filled with pride and disrespect for the citizens and electorate. ”

“There is no time again if you behave well as a leader people will respect you. We expected the government to build more schools to cater for the increasing numbers. Three students have committed suicide because of the placement wahala. The blood is on the hands-on the minister: ” He added.

He couldunderstandwhy the ministry andGEScould give a day school in say Accra to a student in Kumasi.

“Aboabi ankorka king-kong, nothing would have happened” :he added. Looks as though the MP cannot solve basic problems. This is the time the right thing has to be done. If you like, check Jesus and also chew Satan, we will keep talking.

He advised Ghanaians to stay focused.

Source: Wisdom Eli Kojo Hammond Human Rights Activists|Researcher| Public Speaker| Budding Leadership Expert |Educationist and Author |

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