3 Causes of 2019 School Placement Fiasco – Ablakwa

This year, likepreviousyears, there have been complaints by some parents that their wardshave been placedin schools that were not part of the five schools they selected. Again, the placement portal went dead preventing students from doing the required self placement.

As if that was not enough, all who did the self placementson ontwo days including the 11th of September had their hopes dashed as theGESquashed the placements without tangible reasons.


5 reasons whyBECEStudents with Aggregate 26-48 will enjoySHSplacement

Over 27000BECEGraduates did not qualify forSHSPlacement

Placement System (CSSPS)have been causedby the government

Hon. SamuelOkudzetoAblakwa, former Deputy Education Minister, has said the recent challenges with the Computerised School Selection Placement System (CSSPS)have been causedby the government.

“I do take issues with some of the measures that the government has implemented. I think that they have aggravated the problems and created more troubles for themselves. For example, why to change the software three months to such a major exercise?” theoppositionNational Democratic Congress (NDC) legislator said.

Speaking on the matter, MrAblakwa, who is the Member of Parliament for NorthTonguin the Volta Region, said Saturday onMultiTV/Joy FM’s Newsfile that the challenges have come about because the current administration failed to learn critical lessons from the previous administration.

Replacement of experienced people with inexperiencedpersonnel

According to him, the current administration caused the Ghana Education Service to change the oldCSSPSsystem three months to the start of the placements.

“You don’t do that because for these things you need to do test runs,” he admonished government.

Policy to reserve 30% placement public schools

He also faulted a policy to reserve 30 percent of the secondary school placement to students from public schools, suggesting that the figure was too high.

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