Highlights of GES Press Conference on GES-SIC Insurance

Below are the key highlights of the press conference held by the Ghana Education Service today


The policy is to improve the Welfare of staff of Ghana Education Service by providing Life Insurance for every staff in a Group Insurance.

Government supported the insurance as an effort to put the teacher first. Government committed to support the payment of premium to beneficiaries.
Staff were to contribute ten Ghana Cedis (GHS10.00) a month to qualify to be part of the scheme.

After some initial sensitization, the scheme was formally introduced in June 2018.

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Agitation among a segment of the staff prompted GES Management to apologize and suspend the scheme to allow for more intensive sensitization.

Since the suspension, staff education was deepened and after nearly one year of education, the service took steps to re-introduced the scheme.

A request was sent to the Controller & Accountant-General to resume the deduction of the premium from July 2019.

The GES-SIC Policy premium and claim value

Subsidized Monthly Premium – GH₵ 10.00 per staff.
Life Cover of up to GH₵ 18,000.00 including natural and accidental deaths.
Permanent Disability Cover of GH₵18,000.00.
Critical illness – GH₵9,000.00.
Cash back of 10% every 3 years when no claim has been made within the period.

GES-SIC Exit Window for Teachers willing to opt out

Window of exit was provided for all staff who were not interested to exit from the scheme.
That window is still available and we urge any member of staff who is not interested in the scheme to indicate that and opt out of it by filling an Exit Form which is available to all staff.
So far, records available indicate that almost 40,000 staff have completed the Exit Forms.

The Controller & Accountant-General’s Department has successfully deleted 35,036 of staff who opted out of the scheme. They were unable to delete 45 of them because the particulars provided were not accurate.
34, 252 of all those who have opted out have had their deducted premium refunded to them.

Refunds to 829 staff have not been affected due to some inaccuracies in data submitted.
SIC will publish names of the 829 staff so they can correct their information.
Benefits Paid Out. So far, SIC Life has paid out benefits to seven (7) persons and families already.

Way Forward for GES-SIC

Feedback indicates that majority of staff are interested and wish to continue
▪ Management has decided that no deduction should happen in August 2019
▪ This should provide the opportunity for refunds for all who filled the Exit Form
▪ All who exited and wish to re-join will be supported to re-join

▪ Staff may update the records of their beneficiaries by contacting SIC Life on 0501570652 or on WhatsApp on 0501456983
▪ Deductions will resume in September 2019 for those who have not exited by the end of August.

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