Half the world’s poeple don’t change their underwear -Research findings


According to a new research finding, half the population of the world’s people do not wash their underwear the right way and some do not wash at all thus wear the same underwear for many days.

To make things worse, the research found out that, many people in the world do not wear a clean pair of underwear on a daily basis. It seems to have become a routine for many to keep wearing the same underwear after each bath.

The findings were revealed by Tommy John, an underwear maker. Statistics show that some 45% in the US alone don’t change their underwear on a daily basis. Some 13% of the respondents said they wear the same snickers or pants the 7 days continuously. I am sure you are holding your nose.

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The statistics showed that 50% of the world’s people are not changing their underwear daily. Men were found to be the biggest culprits as they are 2.5 times more likely not to board to change beyond seven days.

Tommy John called for the need for people to dispose off their old pants or undergarments and buy new ones.

In Ghana, many young men easily show off their boxer shorts or underpants as it is seen as fashionable. Most of these underwears look dirty but they are not ashamed to pull their trousers down to reveal it. 

46% of respondents also indicated that they had underwears which were over one year old while 38% of people are more likely to keep using their favourate underwear no matter how bad or dirty it looks so far as it is their favourate

The company, therefore, encouraged people around the world to change their underpants regularly and buy new ones at least every six months.

But this behaviour goes against the company’s recommendations, as they recommend that their customers to throw out their old underwear and buy new pants every six months to a year.


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