Missing Takoradi Girls: Have we Located or know their whereabouts?

Missing Takoradi Girls: Located or we know their whereabouts: The Value is the same Political parties, civil society groups and the general public especially families of the three kidnapped girls would be disappointed in the CID for making statements which suggested that, the CID of the Ghana Police no the whereabouts of the girls. First of all, what does it mean to say you have identified the location of kidnapped Takoradi girls?

The Daily Graphic which first published the story has come out to apologize for misrepresenting the CID.Like seriously? This story has been edited to reflect the CID boss. they added. Ghana for you…

According to the edited story what she said meant the missing girls had been located. Hmmm Ok.

What is the difference between saying “We know the where about of the girls” and “The missing girls had been located”? Let us consult our old dictionaries

The latter “The missing girls had been located” means you know they are in a particular place

If you say the former “We know the where about of the girls”, it implies you know the place where a person or thing is.

What is the difference between the meanings we derive from the two sentences? The value is the same. The NDC Womens’ Organizer descended on CID boss over the kidnap girls through a press release and demanded that the CID Boss should produce the girls within 14 days or resign.

In the said press statement the NDC said

Adding to the theatrics surrounding this whole mystery is a publication in the Daily Guide, a newspaper owned by the current National Chairman of the NPP which claimed that, Ruth Quayson, Priscilla Blessing Bentum, and Priscilla Koranchie were safe in a private medical facility in the capital city Accra. The alleged news by the “Daily Guide” on the 23rd April 2019 explained that the young girls were rescued and transferred to an unknown BNI Clinic, with one of them sent to the 37 Military Hospital for medical tests. This newspaper headline was followed by a response from the Ghana Police Service which flatly denied the Daily Guide publication.

Is there any conspiracy in this? When hope was giving to Ghanaians, were all looking forward to the day the girls will be home, only for the CID boss to turn around and say she was misquoted. Wow, Ghana. Let me ask, so what kept her so long from coming out with this information? Hmm… it looks as though there is a mind game going on. We should all continue to question the whereabouts of the girls objectively devoid of political sentiments until we find the girls. We just hope we shall not be told there cannot be found or something sadder.

The best the CID and his men can do is to keep on working hard and see the current issues as a challenge to prove their worth rather than responding to such comments, however, the concerns raised in the press statement and by many Ghanaians are legitimate as well from an objective perspective.

Source: Wisdom Hammond

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