Greetings from afar Mr. President Nana Akuffo Addo: Basic Schools are suffering- Curriculum Expert

Mr. President, I am very surprised you are castigating the critics of the Free SHS saying that they cannot win power. When did criticism and criticizing a government policy on education become a crime in this country? In 2016, you were heard criticizing almost every program of NDC and you won power. So Mr. I am at lost to why you took offend on FSHS criticism.

Mr. President, I am sure you took some of those criticisms and make use of them. I expect you to rather be appreciative of the critics who want you to succeed instead of seeing them as enemies.

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Mr. President, free SHS cannot work in isolation. That’s without infrastructure, effective teaching, teacher motivation, and the support of hard-working non-teaching staff within the Ghana Education Service. We cannot do away with the need to have the best of and teaching and learning materials as well.

Former governments were proactive and had foresight hence built some important school blocks and dormitories just a few to mention to help accommodate deal with the overflow of students so Mr. President,  don’t pretend to know it all. That thought and mentality is a big fallacy and a setback in the modern age and era.

You are not the first and won’t be the last to promote education in Ghana nor will improvement in education end with you.

Basic Schools are suffering  Mr. President. Let me draw your attention to basic education Mr. President. As you are bragging about winning the next to election because of FSHS, basic education is seriously suffering and can be likened to a sick person on the sick bed whose illness worsens under your watchful eyes.

Pupils at basic level are lacking the needed infrastructure, teaching and learning materials and teacher motivation is none existent.

There is a missing link between FSHS and basic education which you and together with the Ministry of Education have to find, think through and fix before it hits us all in the face.Basic Schools are suffering   and no one can deny the fact.


FSHS cannot be canceled by any government, Mr. President. The disagreement is on your method of implementation and which must be revised for the success of the program.

This is from a citizen and not a spectator.

Source: J.A Kpornyo

Curriculum Expert

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